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9 Ways to Host a Green Company Picnic in Chicago

Earth Day is not the only day we should be thinking about hosting a green company picnic.

Environmentally-friendly picnics have been trending for some time now in the business world.  It is a great way to show your team and your clients that you care about many things, from employee appreciation and improved morale to cutting back waste and decreasing our environmental footprint.

When hosting a company party, there are so many ways to incorporate “go green” party ideas, this season especially.  Here are great company summer party ideas—great green company party ideas.

Environmentally-Friendly Company Parties and Picnics

1. Host a Green Company Picnic:  Have your party outside.

Make this summer’s company party a company picnic.  You can really do your employees right by giving them a taste of the beautiful outdoors.  Plus, with the sun shining, you will not have to rely on any electricity to light up your picnic.  Just make sure you rent a few tents to provide some shade from all the sun.

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2. Host a Green Company Picnic:  Use cloth table covers and napkins.

In fact, use washable linens wherever you can.  Rent these from a linen company, or order them through your green picnic caterer.  Reusing linens (and old décor for that matter) will save the landfill waste generated by all of those plastic tablecovers and non-reusable décor elements.  Or, if you purchase your own linens, you will be able to use them for future parties and picnics for years to come—saving you money in the long run.

3. Host a Green Company Picnic:  Use eco-friendly disposables.

If you simply cannot or do not want to use reusable tableware (which is understandable for outdoor events and picnics), there is still a way to host a green company picnic.  Our plasticware, for example, is made from potato starch and our plastic cups are made from corn starch.  They are 100% compostable and recyclable and cut down on bad picnic waste by tons each summer.

4. Host a Green Company Picnic:  Hire a caterer who can produce eco-friendly picnics.

In Chicago, we host numerous eco-friendly picnics each summer.  Actually, all of our picnics have eco-friendly elements, such as cutlery made from potato starch.  We also have a variety of ways to help you reduce waste on-site with recycling programs, options for large beverage dispensers (to reduce plastic and can waste), non-disposable tableware options and more.  Plus, we practice green behavior in-house as well, with natural lighting, reusable batteries, even more recycling programs and detailed waste vs. compostable garbage cans.  Find a green caterer to work with you this summer.

5. Host a Green Company Picnic:  Use natural décor.

For example, you can utilize fresh, potted plants around your company picnic area and on your picnic tables.  Be even greener by sending guests home with those potted plants at the end of the picnic.  Provide planting directions so that your decorations go beyond just one great afternoon and live to see the entire summer.


6. Host a Green Company Picnic:  Recycle on-site.

Many picnic spots offer recycling, however, the key is to offer recycling options for guests in the most convenient locations—which includes next to ALL garbage cans.  Picnickers often look for the nearest place to dispose of their trash, and if there is no recycling container in site, then all recyclables often go into the waste basket.  Also consider offering separate recycling containers with signs designating aluminum, plastic and paper goods.

7. Host a Green Company Picnic:  Use digital invitations.

One easy way to save paper (and money) is to e-vite your guests as opposed to sending paper invitations out to staff.  You might want to hang a sign or two in the break room or near the restrooms, but other than that, keep your party communication to emails and digital invites only.

8. Host a Green Company Picnic:  Serve local brews.

Find a local brewery that your employees love and ask them to serve your beer for the company picnic.  Buying local is a huge aspect of cutting carbon footprints (transportation is a tremendous contributor to carbon emissions).  Local breweries not only satisfy that green need, but they are also super trendy right now.  In Chicago, for example, Revolution Brewery is steadily becoming a household name.  We even added their craft beer Anti-Hero to our 2014 Picnic Menu, among other great craft beer selections.

9.  Host a Green Company Picnic:  Make sure the grillmasters use natural gas to cook.

While charcoal grills might be preferable to a select few, natural gas grills are actually the least toxic way to grill your food.  Charcoal grills release coal dust and sodium nitrate, plus lighter fluid, while not considered dangerous, might end up changing the flavor of the food a bit.  Try natural gas grills for great tasting meats and less harmful smoke.


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