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How to Use Pinterest to Plan Your Picnic

A lot goes into planning a party, especially when you consider each element of the picnic menu, décor, entertainment and drinks.

Pinterest has become one of the most widely used tools when it comes to event and party planning, and it is no surprise why: with easily customizable “boards” and plenty of picnic party planning ideas floating around, using Pinterest to plan a picnic event seems like the perfect way to compile event planning tips and tricks

Here is how to use Pinterest to plan your next picnic event.

Food, Drinks, Sweets, Entertainment, Décor and More

If you have ever looked at Pinterest before, you already know that typing in something like “picnic food recipes” in the search bar will guarantee you countless results for picnic-style menu items.  This means that when you come across something you would like to see at your picnic event, you can pin it and recover that item later.

Pinning several possible picnic recipes allows you to generate a more narrowed grouping, through which you can then sift to select your picnic event’s menu.

Note: the links below take you to some of our most seasonally-relevant Tasty Catering boards, filled with eye-catching décor elements and mouthwatering food recipes.  Feel free to enjoy any of the items listed on our boards, or re-pin them to one of your own.

Use Pinterest to Gather Picnic Recipes

For entree items, side dishes and snack foods, view:

For sweets and desserts, click through:

For drinks, visit:

  • Drinks (for alcoholic and non-alcoholic)

Compile Countless Pinterest Pins for Picnic Ideas

For entertainment, themes and creative trends, view:

For decor ideas, look at:

For Seasonal ideas, view:

For venue spaces and venue ideas, check out:

For all 46 of Tasty Catering’s pre-designed boards—full of time-tested ideas for picnic food, drinks and sweets recipes, picnic décor ideas and summer or picnic entertainment options—check out Tasty Catering’s Pinterest page.

Do you have great ideas or a terrific party planning pin you would like to share? Use #mykindofpicnic to join the Pinterest event planning conversation.

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