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Tasty Catering and TerraPass

It is no secret that Tasty Catering is a true advocate of practicing eco-friendly, green business initiatives throughout all possible functions of the company.

With countless in-house and on-site green efforts in effect—including reducing landfill contributions, increasing energy conservation, utilizing several recycling methods and more—the Tasty Catering Green Team is truly pioneering for a greener, more earth-conscious method of doing business.

In accordance with the rest of our green efforts, Tasty Catering purchases TerraPass carbon offsets to try and neutralize our carbon footprint.

This means that the majority of the amount of travel the company undertakes on a daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly basis—traveling to and from events, handling corporate and residential drop-off orders and just generally running around Chicagoland—are neutralized by the purchase of these TerraPass credits.

We functions on green principles, and that includes the travel to and from our events is a more eco-friendly process.

We believe in sustainability, and that means making business greener, one picnic, special event and corporate delivery at a time.

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