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Green Picnics, Green Events, Green Parties

Several years ago, we made a decision to change the way we conduct our picnics.  The changes reflected our desire to be a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly organization.

Most of those practices are still in use today, in addition to several more picnic, event and in-house “green” practices.

We understand that sustainability and eco-responsibility is an on-going process.  Our Tasty Catering Green Team continues to set exceedingly higher goals for our establishment each year, and we are always excited to strive for and reach each of them.

These eco-friendly initiatives—as well as support for several local environmental projects—are based on three concepts:

  • Reducing landfill contribution
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Recycling in-house and on-site

Reducing Landfill Contribution

Over the past several years, we have focused heavily on reducing our landfill contributions.  It is a Tasty Catering practice to remove all refuse from our picnics and take it back to our own facility for disposal, meaning picnics, events and in-house activity all add to our waste total. This is part of our commitment to leave venues cleaner than when we arrived.

Here are some of our achievements in reducing our landfill contribution:

  • Replacement of fuel inefficient vehicles with seven new vans boasting double the fuel efficiency, saving $18,000 in annual fuel consumption and carbon emissions
  • Alteration of our delivery window system to allow more orders to ship on a single truck, cutting down significantly on carbon emissions
  • Use of skylights in our operations office, warehouse and throughout our facility to incorporate natural lighting
  • TerraPass carbon offset purchases to neutralize our fleet’s carbon emissions

Reducing Energy Consumption

Energy consumption is an on-going concern for our facility.  Not only is it better for the environment to conserve energy and reduce energy waste, it is also a sound investment over time.

Our energy consumption reduction efforts have led to:

recycling graphics-01

Recycling In-House and On-Site

Recycling is an important pillar of our environmentally-conscious efforts.  It is no secret that picnics and events generate waste, and our on-site recycling is especially important to our clients.  With a recycling program that extends through our outdoor events, Tasty Catering is able to ease any recycling and waste concerns.

Here are some of our best in-house and on-site recycling practices and achievements:

  • Recycling bins set up at all picnics for aluminum cans and PET plastic bottles
  • Eco-friendly serving products utilized on all picnics, including plates, bowls, utensils, cups and straws made from recycled, composted materials
  • Waste grease recycling program
  • Cardboard recycling program
  • Rechargeable batteries for all electronic items

More Green Facts here:


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