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We are proud to provide so many jobs to the community and grateful to have the opportunity to employ people of all different backgrounds and histories.

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  • Raul Ramirez
    Rual Ramirez

    Brand Ambassador

    Raul has been a part of the Tasty crew since 2005. He consistently delivers excellent work and earns many compliments from clients on his deliveries.
    Father of three: Allan, Jeovanni and Guadalupe. A member of Tasty’s Ramirez family. Married to Alicia. Uncle to Eddie, Eugene, Chisco and Mary Rios.
    Frequent visitor of the Mexican restaurant, Los Compadres.
  • Alfredo Velazquez
    Alfredo Velazquez

    Executive Chef

    Alfredo has been an integral part of Tasty’s culinary team since 1991.
    Father of Uriel, Erik and Coiselle. Works with his wife, father-in-law and brother-in-law. Nephews and niece are Eugene, Chisco, Eddie and Maricarmen.
    Enjoys watching movies with his family.
  • Kristen Banks
    Kristen Banks

    Business Development

    Kristen’s been an integral part of the Tasty fabric since 1994. She does everything from cold calls and sales to account management and training new employees.
    Children are Maximilian and Alexander. Brother, Dan Rogers, bartends and works special events for Tasty.
    Loves scary movies.
  • Jodi Beck
    Jodi Beck

    Event Design Team

    Jodi’s been with Tasty since 2008. She oversees the Event Design team, rentals and proposals.
    Her children, Jacob and Joshua, work events for Tasty.
    Passionate baker.
  • Gaby Lopez
    Gabriela Lopez

    Event Captain

    Gaby has been with Tasty since 2009. She is one of the first on scene at each event, setting up our equipment, décor and makes sure everything runs smoothly.
    Works alongside her three sisters, Josefina, Teresa and Leticia.
    Loves Mexican food.
  • Hannah Malovan
    Hannah Malovan

    Event Designer

    Hannah has been with Tasty since 2016. She’s responsible for prospecting, selling special events, writing proposals and organizing meetings and tastings.
    Studied hospitality leadership and marketing at Bradley University. Received a Bachelor of Science in hospitality management.
    Country music fan.
  • Angelica Moreno
    Angelica Moreno

    Event Chef

    Angelica has been an important member of the Tasty team since 2009. Angelica assists Chef Ricardo with hot food preparation and other chef responsibilities.
    Sister of Santiago, another Tasty Catering chef.
    Woman of many interests: dancing, reading, exercising.
  • Cristy Mendez
    Cristy Mendez

    Pastry Chef

    Cristy has been crafting yummy pastries since 2010.
    Mother of Alejandra, Rogelio and Erick. Husband, Carlos, works in operations. Kids frequently help her work picnics and special events.
    Exercise queen.
  • Antonio Gonzales
    Antonio Gonzales

    Hot Line Cook

    Antonio has been part of Tasty since 2008. He’s a responsible member of the kitchen, consistently producing salads and cold appetizers beyond expectations.
    Father of Jesus and Cristian. Cousin to Hugo Gonzalez.
    Rocks out to Bon Jovi
  • Carlos Osorio
    Carlos Osorio

    Event Production

    Carlos has been with Tasty Catering since 2010. Charlie’s main responsibilities include maintaining the warehouse facility. He safely packs each order.
    Father of Alejandra, Rogelio and Erick, who all work special events and picnics. Wife, Cristy, also works for Tasty as a pastry chef.
    Has a sweet tooth; loves to bake all types of desserts.
  • Bobbi Walter
    Bobbi Walter

    Director of Special Projects

    Bobbi’s been with Tasty since 2010. She serves an essential administrative role, which includes government reporting, payroll, insurance maintenance and more.
    Mother of Tim and Erin. Married to Chief Culture Officer Tom. Her son Tim is the CFO, and daughter Erin is the CEO of Nuphoriq, a sister marketing company.
    Studied at University of Illinois and Northern Illinois University. Received a Bachelor of Science in education and a Master of Science in business education.
    Enjoys biking, running, solving puzzles and playing the piano.
  • Elidad Pasillas
    Elided Pasillas

    Sandwich Team Supervisor

    Elided has been with Tasty since 2013. Elided supervises sandwich production and aides her team where necessary.
    Mother of Kaylee and Brayden.
    Marc Anthony and Shakira are her favorite musicians.
  • David Plata
    David Plata

    Brand Ambassador

    David has been a part of the Tasty team since 2014. He aims to exceed expectations with every delivery.
    His mother, Imelda Rodriquez, aunt, Maricela Rodriguez, and uncle, Ricardo Gervacio are all Tasty Catering crew members.
    Studied HVAC at Harper College.
    Favorite television program: Shameless.
  • Maria Lucero
    Maria Lucero

    Hot Line Cook

    Maria has been helping the culinary team whip up delicious meals at Tasty Catering since 2017.
    Mother of Ashley, David, Jorge, Jilenne, Jazline and Kayli.
    Enjoys experimenting with various spices and flavors in her kitchen at home.
  • Eduardo Rios
    Eduardo Rios Velazquez

    Expeditor & Supervisor

    Eddie has been with Tasty since 2000. He has high standards and service and is a valuable leader of the delivery team.
    He and wife Teresa have two children, Eddie Jr. and Cathya. Member of Tasty’s Rios family; works alongside brothers Chisco and Eugene and sister Mary.
    Favorite film: Mariachi Gringo
  • Eugene Rios
    Eugene Rios

    Director of Operations

    Eugene has been an integral member of the Tasty family since 1996.
    Father of two kids—Andrea and Daniel. Member of the Rios family; works alongside Chisco and Eddie and sister Mary.
    Turn up the Bachata music.
  • Francisco Rios
    Francisco Rios

    Event Captain

    Francisco has been an integral part of Tasty Catering since 1996. Chisco is very versatile and has worked in many departments and oversees all Tasty vehicles.
    Father of Orlando, Axel, Natalie and Juliana. Member of the Rios family; brothers are Eddie and Eugene, sister is Mary.
    Favorite restaurant is Tapalpa.
  • Gisela Cerecero
    Gisela Gomez

    Prep Supervisor

    Gisela has been helping the Tasty culinary team whip up delicious meals since 2011.
    Mother of Uriel, Eric and Giselle. Married to Alfredo, Tasty’s executive chef. Father is Dionicio, and her brother, Manuel works for TFP.
    Likes to watch a good movie with her family.
  • Hugo Gonzalez
    Hugo Gonzalez

    Hot Line Cook

    Hugo has been with Tasty since 2013 as a member of the sandwich prep team. He assists his team in preparing the many sandwich and wrap selections to perfection.
    Father of Christopher, Jose and Isabella. Cousin to Antonio Gonzalez.
    Enjoys spending time with his kids.
  • Shari Brown
    Shari Brown

    Catering Coordinator

    Shari has been a part of the Tasty team since 2005. She has developed many strong relationships with clients, as well as pursued new ones.
    Her children are Charles and Michael.
    Enjoys sewing, crafting and knitting.
  • Imelda Rodriquez
    Imelda Rodriguez

    Hot Line Cook

    Imelda has been helping the Tasty culinary team whip up delicious meals since 2014.
    She’s the mother of David, Monserrat and Landy.
    Enjoys a long walk.
  • Manuel Cerecero
    Manuel Cerecero

    TF Processors

    Has been working with Tasty since 2010.
    Has many family members who also work at Tasty: Dionicio (father), Gisela Gomez (sister) and Alfredo (brother in law)
    His favorite movie is Titanic.
  • Jason Ptak
    Jason Ptak

    Event Production

    As an on-site server/bartender, Jason’s been ensuring successful Tasty special events since 2017.
    Studied business management at Roosevelt University.
    Food enthusiast; has a taste for pizza and wings.
  • Jesse Vazquez
    Jesse Vazquez

    Sous Chef

    Jesse’s been crafting delicious meals at Tasty Catering since 2006.
    Father of Brandon.
    Studied culinary science at the Cooking Hospitality Institute of Chicago. Has an associate’s degree in culinary arts.
    Rap music is his jam.
  • Jessica Cooper
    Jessica Cooper

    Accounting Admin

    Jessica has been with Tasty since 2013, making the most of her time in the accounting & finance department.
    Mom of three beautiful children—Jacob, Ashley and Samantha. Daughter, Ashley, works for That’s Caring.
    Studied business at NIU and Roosevelt University.
    Good taste in pizza—Lou Malnati’s.
  • Guadalupe Colin
    Guadalupe Colin

    TF Processors

    Guadalupe began working for Tasty in 2015.
    She is the mother of two: David and Jazmin.
    Her favorite type of movies are thrillers.
  • Brenda Regaldo
    Brenda Regaldo

    Production Specialist

    Brenda has been with Tasty since 2015. When she’s not in the office, she operates as an event supervisor.
    Currently studying business administration at Illinois State University
    Passionate about traveling to new places, especially restaurants.
  • Alma Pacheco
    Alma Pacheco

    TF Processors

    Has been working with Tasty since 2017.
    She is the mother of Karen and Job.
    Roots for the FC Barcelona soccer team.
  • Jessica Lopez
    Jessica Lopez

    Event Captain

    Jessica’s been employed with Tasty Catering since 2016 and has produced many successful events and weddings.
    Mother of three—Abigail, Mia and Noah
    Studied accounting at Robert Morris University.
    Loves to bake with her kids.
  • Kornel Grygo
    Kornel Grygo

    Chief Executive Officer

    Been with Tasty Catering since 2007. Named CEO in 2019.
    Studied business management at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Received a Bachelor of Science in business management.
    Loves sports and being outdoors, especially if he’s fishing.
  • Leonardo Victor
    Leonardo Victor

    Brand Ambassador

    Leonardo has been ensuring smooth Tasty deliveries since 2016.
    His children are Kevin, Maria, Josua and Mia.
    Studied theology at University of Saint Mary of the Lake.
    Loves to spend time with his kids.
  • Maricarmen Rios
    Maricarmen Rios

    Kitchen Supervisor

    Mary has been an integral part of the Tasty team since 2004. As a kitchen supervisor, she manages kitchen processes and the culinary team’s well-being.
    Mother of Cristian and Eric. Three of her brothers also work at Tasty—Eddie, Chisco and Eugene.
    Can get into a good soap opera.
  • Dionicio Cerecero
    Dionicio Cerecero

    Scullery Lead

    Dionicio has been with Tasty since 2001. He is a real team player in the kitchen and warehouse, helping out wherever his services are needed.
    Father of Gisela and Manuel. Gisela works in the kitchen and Manuel works for Tasty’s sister company, TFP.
    Favorite music artist: Gilguerillas
  • Santiago Moreno Luz
    Santiago Moreno-Luz

    Hot Line Supervisor

    Santiago has been cooking for Tasty since 2012. Santiago is quite skilled at perfectly preparing our hot food recipes.
    Father of Inez. Brother of Angelica, also a chef at Tasty Catering.
    Likes to play sports and exercise.
  • Nicholas D'Angelo
    Nicholas D’Angelo

    Brand Ambassador

    Nick’s been a key member of the Tasty delivery team since 2009.
    Attended Harper College, where he studied general education.
    Enjoys bike rides, sports and pretty much anything outdoors.
  • Ofelia Gomez
    Ofelia Gomez

    Prep Team

    Ofelia Gomez has been with Tasty since 2016. Ofelia helps create delicious dishes by working with the culinary team as a prep chef.
    Mother of Ivette and Karen
    Favorite film: Leap Year
  • Raul Mora
    Raul Mora

    Event Support

    Raul has been with Tasty since 2011. He’s always punctual and smiling.
    Father of Anjel
    Favorite food: Mexican stuffed peppers
  • Maricela Rodriguez
    Maricela Rodriguez

    TF Processors

    Has been working with Tasty since 2016.
    She is a mother of three to Ricardo Jr., Cesar and Alexis. She is also a member of Tasty’s Rodriguez family.
    Has a taste for tacos.
  • Tekla Wendoll
    Tekla Wendoll


    Tekla has been a part of the Tasty team since 1999.
    Performs essential accounting duties—processes payments, accounts payable and past due payments.
    Enjoys a good murder mystery.
  • Jaime Cuatepitzi
    Jaime Cuatepitzi

    Prep Team

    Jaime has been with Tasty since 2014. After working in scullery, Jaime joined the culinary team as a prep chef, preparing ingredients for sweet & savory dishes.
    Father of Angel, Evelyn, Mauricio, Kevin and Hayley.
    Likes to play with his kids.
  • Larry Walter
    Larry Walter


    Larry has been a part of Tasty Catering since 1989. He currently oversees three departments.
    He and his brothers, Kevin and Tom, are responsible for paving the way to the company’s shining success.
    Enjoys watching Game of Thrones.
  • Tom Walter
    Tom Walter


    Tom has been the president and CEO of Tasty Catering since 1989. His main passion is heading up and cultivating the Tasty Catering culture around the facility.
    Father of Tim and Erin. Member of the Walter family; works alongside brothers Kevin and Larry.
    Studied business at Loyola University.
    Grammar and high school class mate of Pastry Chef, Frank DiMaria.
  • Josefina Lopez
    Josefina Lopez

    TF Processors

    Has been working with Tasty since 2012.
    She is a mother of two to Brenda and Alexis. She is also a member of Tasty’s Lopez family.
    Her favorite musican is Vicente Fernandez.
  • Leticia Flores
    Leticia Flores

    Prep Team

    She began working for Tasty in 2019.
    She is the mother of 4 children: Brenda, Gerardo, Alexander and Jacklyn.
    Her favorite restaurant is la Flor de Acapulco in Chicago.
  • Gaby Rios
    Gabriela Rios

    Event Captain

    Gaby has been with Tasty since 2010. She has an excellent eye for details, maintains our warehouse and assists with packing and unloading event vehicles.
    Mother of Daniel and Andrea. Works on the event production team.
    Marc Anthony music fan.
  • Theresa Lopez
    Teresa Lopez

    Senior Event Captain

    Teresa Lopez officially joined the Tasty team in 2012. As a senior event captain, she ensures that all weddings and events run smoothly.
    Sisters are Gaby, Leticia and Josefina. Mother of Diana and Andrea.
    Favorite film: Coco
  • Monserrat Plata
    Monserrat Plata

    TF Processors

    Monserrat started working for Tasty Catering in 2019.
    Has many family members who also work at Tasty: David Plata (brother), Imelda Rodriquez (mother) and Maricela Rodriquez (aunt).
    Her favorite movies are Alien and Fast and Furious.
  • Leticia Lopez
    Leticia Lopez

    Event Production

    Leticia has been with Tasty Catering since 2010. Her responsibilities have included prep work for hot cuisine and most recently salad production.
    Mother of Eduardo and Leticia. Works with sisters Teresa, Josefina and Gaby. Sister in law to Eddie, Eugene, Maricarmen and Chisco.
    Enjoys to sing and dance.
  • Leticia Olivar
    Leticia Olivar

    TF Processors

    Has been working with Tasty since 2018.
    She is a mother of three to Jasmine, Maria and Luis.
    Enjoys an ice-cold beer after a long day.
  • Amanda Ellis
    Amanda Ellis

    Special Events Coordinator

    Amanda joined the Tasty family in 2019. From writing proposals to overseeing tastings, she helps bring couples’ wedding visions to life.
    Received a Bachelor of Arts in liberal arts with a certificate for public relations from Indiana University.
    Find her at Cooper’s Hawk or at any new restaurant.
  • Marco Cruz Lopez
    Marco Cruz Lopez

    TF Processors

    Marco joined Tasty Catering in 2019.
    Attended Illinois Institute of Technology and studied architecture.
    Enjoys to watch all Marvel movies.
  • Daniel Jamieson
    Daniel Jamieson

    Brand Ambassador

    Daniel has been ensuring smooth deliveries for Tasty Catering since 2016.
    Currently in school to obtain a degree in fire science from Harper College.
    Watches It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
  • Yesenia Ramirez
    Yesenia Ramirez

    Event Captain

    Yesenia has been with Tasty since 2016, producing and serving many exceptional events.
    Studying nursing at Harper College.
    Food-lover—hot Cheetos, tacos, pizza, hamburgers—will try anything.
  • Cameron Rogala
    Cameron Rogala

    Brand Ambassador

    Cameron began his Tasty journey in 2016. As a driver, he ensures smooth deliveries and exceptional service.
    Studied computer science at Harper College.
    Games of Thrones fan.
  • Carmen Perez
    Carmen Perez

    TF Processors

    Carmen joined Tasty Catering in 2018.
    She is the mother of two children: Joanie and Emily.
    Her favorite musician is Alex Campos.
  • Ricardo Gervacio
    Ricardo Gervacio

    Event Chef

    Ricardo has been an important of the Tasty family since 2000. He currently serves as an event captain who ensures outstanding production.
    Father of Ricardo, Cesar and Alexis. Husband of Maricela.
    Knows a thing or two about plumbing and construction.
  • Erika Flores
    Erika Flores

    TF Processors

    Has been working with Tasty since 2015.
    She is a mother of three to Edilberto, Guadalupe and Heli.
    Her favorite musician is Joan Sebastian.
  • Alec Delgado
    Alec Delgado

    Brand Ambassador

    Alec joined the Tasty Catering in 2015. As a driver, he works with the logistics team to deliver exceptional event service.
    Currently attending school at DePaul University to receive a degree in business.
    Listens to Joe Rogan podcasts.
  • Kevin Walter
    Kevin Walter


    Kevin’s been an essential part of the Tasty family since 1989. He’s responsible for payroll, but his main priority is making sure employees are happy.
    Father of Ellen and Kelly. His brothers are Larry and Tom Walter.
    Go Blackhawks!
  • Elena Alanis
    Elena Alanis

    TF Processors

    Elena joined Tasty Catering in 2018.
    She is the mother of four children: Brisa, Estrella, Everest and Chayton.
    Her favorite snacks are fruit and chocolate.
  • Tim Walter
    Tim Walter

    Chief Financial Officer

    Tim’s been a part of the Tasty family since 1995. He’s responsible for all financial and fiscal planning, leadership in the administrative and much more.
    Son of Tom and Bobbi Walter. He has two boys, Temani and Jordan. His sister, Erin, is the CEO of nuphoriq.
    Studied accounting, business and negotiating at UIC. Received a Bachelor of Science in accounting.
    Rocks out to Metallica.
  • Elizabeth Sanchez
    Elizabeth Sanchez

    TF Processors

    Elizabeth started working for Tasty Catering in 2019.
    She is the mother of four children: Emily, Axel, Isaac and Angel.
    Her favorite food is green enchiladas.
  • John Reed
    John Reed


    John Reed brings 30 years of experience as a chef consultant. He helps our staff create new menu items, perfect cooking techniques and revamp recipes.
    Received a Bachelor of Science in Hotel, Restaurant and Travel Administration.
    Owner of Customized Culinary Solutions based in Skokie, Illinois.

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