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Social & Special Event Catering

Expert planning and creative catering to make hosting your next memorable special event stress-free. From intimate dinners to elaborate galas, we’re ready to serve.

  • Creative Catering

    For Every Event

    No two special events are created equal. From company parties and galas to nonprofit fundraising events, each organization and event has its unique requirements. Successful special events in an innovative city like Chicago stem from creative planning, attention to detail, the ability to understand event visions and a desire to achieve perfection.
    Our catering and event teams thrive in giving hosts and guests an experience to remember!

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  • 100+ 5-Star Reviews

    At Tasty Catering, our customer-centric approach to catering and event management shines through at every event, or at least that’s what our clients say! We work hard to provide stellar customer service and cuisine to earn your 5 stars.

  • People-First Service

    Our goal is to always help you bring your event vision to life, on budget. The first step to all our catering relationships is chatting about goals, visions and preferences so our creative team can make sure you’re getting everything you want for your special event!

  • Safety First

    We go above and beyond with over 20 certified sanitarians on staff, strict prep requirements, service standards and cleanliness procedures. Rest assured you’re in good hands with Tasty Catering!

  • Customization

    Menus Made-to-Order

    When it comes to successful events, Tasty Catering understands that catering planning and event execution are the most critical parts. That’s why our special event menus not only provide you with delectable,, fresh food but also a team behind you to execute your event flawlessly.

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Planning Pros

Great Events Without the Stress

When you’re planning a special event, there are so many things to consider, from content to how your mission will be conveyed and how you’ll entertain. Tasty Catering takes the planning and catering stress away so you can focus on creating an impactful experience for your special event guests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Planning pro? First timer? We’re ready to help at any stage of your planning process.

  • What’s included when I book a special event with you?

    As a full-service caterer, we offer fully customizable packages that go far beyond just food. We can offer setup, service, breakdown and all the planning you need to make sure your Chicago special event goes off without a hitch.

  • How many different menus do you offer?

    We have several menus, which include Corporate Drop-Off Catering, Special Events and Outdoor Events. In addition, we offer holiday-specific menus, dietary accommodation menus and many more. Custom options are available, and we can create a specific custom menu based on your needs and vision for your event.

  • Can you help me plan a menu for my event?

    Of course. Tasty Catering is skilled in culinary planning as well as event planning. Our sales and culinary staff work closely together to help clients choose the perfect cuisine for their guests.

  • Are you able to accommodate dietary restrictions?

    Absolutely. No one’s diet is exactly the same, and we understand that. After catering 10,000+ events with unique guests, we can do it all! Our menus also denote if an item is gluten-friendly, vegan, vegetarian or dairy-free for easy planning.

  • Are you able to offer tastings? I’d like to try your menu items before my event.

    We offer complimentary tastings* for special events. Come hungry! We want to make sure your special event menu fits your desires for the event. How could you know if it’s the right fit if you haven’t tried it yet? *Special conditions apply

  • What are your sales office hours?

    Our office doors are open Monday through Friday, 8:30 am–12:30 pm and again from 1:00 pm–4:30 pm. However, we are capable of serving your event at all times with our 24-hour kitchen.

  • What are my payment options?

    We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Please note that initial orders must be placed on a credit card or ACH unless otherwise arranged.

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