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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

What does Mom want for Mother’s Day this year?  We love great food and tasty beverages, as do all of the Moms in our company, which inspired us to create a Mother’s Day Gift Guide.  Here we share some of the best food, drink and celebration-related Mother’s Day gifts with you.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide and Ideas

That’s Caring Homemade Muffins & Starbucks Tazo Tea Gift Box – $29.99

muffins and tea

It is no secret how much we love That’s Caring—the social-responsible gift company that donates food supplies for weekend bags to local children living in food insecure households.  Its mission is honorable and impacts our community in such a positive way—and the gifts are delicious—so we are happy to say that there are two delightful gift boxes we think are perfect for Mother’s Day.  The first one is the Homemade Muffins & Starbucks Tazo Tea Gift Box.  In this gift box, Mom will get eight all-natural banana nut, blueberry, double chocolate chip and lemon poppy seed muffins and a box of Starbucks Tazo Awake Black Tea in a signature That’s Caring reusable gift box.

Tiesta Tea “Relaxer” Loose Leaf Tins – From $10.99

tiesta tea

Tiesta Tea sells all-natural loose-leaf tea blends that combine real fruits and herbs.  It offers dozens of varieties that range in function, type and ingredients.  We suggested helping Mom relax on Mother’s Day with any of the Relaxer teas, which come in such flavors as Pumpkin Patch, Nutty Almond Cream, Minty Winter Wonderland, Palm Beach Punch, Peaches n’ Cream, Berry Pear-adise, Ginger Sweet Peach, Autumn Harvest, Figgy Pop, St. Nick’s Surprise and Lemon Meringue Chamomile.


That’s Caring Cheese, Crackers, Chocolate and Wine Ambience Gift Box – $89.99

Cheese, Crackers & Wine

Again, That’s Caring has too many great gifts not to mention—the best, perhaps, being its give-back business model.  This particular cheese, crackers, chocolate and wine gift box treats Mom to pesto cheese, onion and chive cheese, natural crackers, party toasts, organic chocolate bars, soy candles in recycled wine bottles and the choice of a California Cabernet Sauvignon or a South African Chardonnay.

Zingerman’s Sour cream Coffee Cake – $40.00 – 65.00

sour cream coffee cake

Zingerman’s is most famous for its deli, located in Ann Arbor, MI; however, the company produces a wide variety of products—including baked goods—and has made the delicious treats available online to customers throughout the country.  While Mom will enjoy any of the Zingerman’s baked goods, the sour cream coffee cake is a popular treat that most cannot seem to put down.

Ashland Addison’s Lily Flowers – $59.95

spring lily bouquet

There are so many beautiful bouquet options at Ashland Addison.  This company is actually one of Chicago’s favorite florists and has dozens of arrangements available for online purchase.  We recommend this bright yellow Lily bouquet because its springy look is sure to make Mom happy.

At-home Brunch

at home brunch

Of course, one of the best ways to celebrate Mom on Mother’s Day is to have an actual celebration—and one that Mom doesn’t have to prepare for beforehand or clean up after.  We are very skilled at handling brunch or dinner party set ups, and will come collect the equipment on the following day—no need to return anything or wait for a pickup time.  Simply leave the chafers and other equipment on your porch and we take care of the rest.  Our delicious menu for social gatherings has everything you’ll need for Mom’s celebration.  Contact us or live chat now for great Mom’s Day ideas.


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