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21 Spring Party Tips and Ideas

The springtime—especially in Chicago—is a popular time to host a celebration.  With so many occasions occurring during this timeframe, it’s hard not to want to host a spring party.

We have put together a comprehensive list of some of our favorite springtime events, along with a few tips, recipes and ideas to go along with each.

Spring Parties and Occasions

Bridal Shower

Tips for a springtime bridal shower:

  • Choose a meaningful location, such as a grandparent’s or parent’s house, the location that the bride’s mother used for her own shower or reception location, a local venue where the bride has many memories from when she was young, etc.

Bridal shower

  • Pick a simple theme, such as springtime green or pink, birds or flowers.
Bridal 2
  • Give away unique favors that go along with the theme, of course.  For example, if you serve punch at the event, give guests a glass or mason jar filled with any of the not-so-perishable drink garnishes and a small bottle of the liquor included in the recipe. Do not forget to include a recipe card for the bride’s favorite drink.

Baby Shower

Tips for a springtime baby shower:

  • Try to pick a location with access to indoor and outdoor amenities, such as a venue with a big set of doors that open up to a veranda or patio, so that you can plan both indoor and outdoor games.

Baby shower

  • Have a sweets table.  If ever there was an occasion for one, this would be it.
  • Have the sweets table double as shower favors.  Invite guests to fill up on sweets from the sweets table to take home in personalized bags or boxes.

Find out more about our 10 favorite spring baby shower themes and these baby shower Pinterest ideas.

First Communion

Tips for a First Communion party:

  • Keep the décor fresh and easy.  Simple, pastel-colored flowers in tasteful vases will be more than enough to light up your party.
  • Wrap up some desserts or mini breads for guests to take home with them as party favors.
  • Have a separate drinks table with large pitchers of premixed drinks—like lemonades, punches and iced teas—that you can prepare in advance (i.e. before going to the church).  When you get home, just add ice and serve.

easter 1


Tips for an Easter celebration:

  • Make it a brunch.  Host your Easter brunch right after church, and then spend the rest of your Easter afternoon relaxing.

Easter brunch

  • Decorate with candy.  Put pastel-colored candies in vases, bowls and baskets around the house or Easter party venue.

Easter candy decor

  • Cook with eggs.  You can find numerous hardboiled egg recipes right here that are perfect for your Easter celebration.

Easter 3

Earth Day

Tips for an awesome Earth Day party:

  • Decorate with live plants.  Potted plants that you can later plant in your outdoor garden will make for great décor.

earth day 1

  • Decorate the house with some Lorax colors and décor from the Dr. Seuss classic.
  • Incorporate recycling and other facts into your atmosphere, food, décor and party.  For example, next to the trash and recycling bins, you can have a fact about recycling stats in the US vs. in other countries.  Post these throughout the venue to increase green awareness and knowledge.

St. Patrick’s Day

Tips for a great St. Patrick’s Day party:

  • Make a rainbow sweets or dessert table. Yes, green is the color of this particular holiday, but do not forget that those pots of gold are found at the end of a rainbow.  Increase your décor options when you go with a rainbow theme.
  • Do not give favors, but rather give out accessories for guests to wear during the party, such as themed-hats, necklaces, ties and buttons.
  • Cook your favorite recipes with little bits of St. Patty’s Day touches, such as adding green food coloring to your mashed potatoes.


Tips for a great Passover party:

  • Make your place cards into something reusable, such as bookmarks.
  • Try setting each individual place setting with small carafes of wine.  Tie a name tag around the neck of each bottle to double as a place card holder.
  • Incorporate a bright, spring-colored floral centerpiece at the table for a really beautiful tablescape.



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