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10 Reasons to Host a Holiday Party at Your Office

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Company holiday parties pay huge dividends, and now they do not have to cost a fortune either. There is an easy and cost-effective way to make your big event one that has a positive impact on the whole company. Simply choose your office as your holiday party venue to take the stress out of planning and attending your big event while maximizing its return.

Our Chicago catering team wants to share its holiday party ideas with you, starting with the benefits of hosting an event at the office.

Advantages of Throwing a Holiday Party at Your Office

1) No Traffic Nightmares

During the holiday season, employees are already busy hustling around to buy presents and visit with family and friends. The last thing you want to do is add yet another drive to their busy schedule. A weekday office holiday party means guests are already on-site and on-time for your company holiday party.

2) Convenient Holiday Party Location

Since employees already know their office inside and out, this relieves stress from things like figuring out where to park and finding the nearest restroom. Being in a familiar space also brings guests a certain level of comfort. You may not need all the usual icebreakers necessary to encourage mingling.

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3) Creates a Positive Association

Your office holiday party can help change employees’ mentality of the office place. After attending, guests may return to work with great memories. Start to make the connection early by posting fun holiday party fliers or polls around the office. Build anticipation by allowing guests to help make decisions, choosing the types of signature drinks for example.

4) Reduces Holiday Party Budget

Obviously you dodge the cost of renting a venue. But you can even save by reusing office holiday decorations. And if you choose a holiday party theme in advance, you will build anticipation for the party from the time you start to decorate your workplace.

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5) Saves Valuable Time

When you work with a trusted Chicago catering company and choose your office as your holiday party venue, your company operations can run as usual until the minute the holiday party starts. Let our catering team set up your big event while you take care of business.

6) Doubles as an Open House

If family members or friends are invited, the office holiday party is a great chance for employees to show off their workplace. Let loved ones meet co-workers and check out the inside workings of your company in a positive environment. Employees will be proud to work at a company that rewards them with fun company parties at their very own workplace.

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7) Positive Public Relations

People will take notice of your company having a great time celebrating. To really make a positive impact on community relations, include and promote a charitable activity like a raffle or toy donation.

8) Adds the Gift of Time Off

If you choose a holiday party date and time that is during usual work hours, then employees will be treated to an afternoon off. This is a great way to thank employees for the times they worked extra long and hard on big projects this year.

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9) Practical Party Favors

Company logos find their way onto many corporate holiday party favors. But try to think of a gift that is also useful in the workplace. Employees will not have to remember to bring it to the office the next day because they can leave it there when the party ends.

10) Increases Holiday Party Attendance

The added conveniences and benefits of an on-site company holiday party will give employees less excuse to decline the invitation. Greater attendance increases the opportunities for networking and building corporate spirit at your festive event.

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You should expect the same professionalism, expertise and creativity from your Chicago catering company that you do from employees. To bring nearly three decades of experience and exceptional customer service to your office holiday party, contact us online or give us a call at: (847) 593-2000.


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