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Holiday Party Theme: Flannel & Frost

‘Tis the season for a festive celebration! If you’re hosting for friends or colleagues this year, it’s always a good idea to come up with a theme that will inspire and get guests in the holiday spirit. One of the most festive and unique themes we’ve seen this year? Flannel & frost! What’s more festive than relaxing in front of a fire dressed from head to toe in a pair of comfortable flannel pajamas and watching the snow fall through frosty windows? It’s the epitome of winter!

If you’re rolling with the ever-trending flannel and frost theme this year, here are some ways to have fun with it at your holiday party.


Get the word out! Whether you’re going all-out with posters around the office or are just putting together an evite or Facebook event for friends, you can create a fun graphic that will play into the theme.

Use flannel as the background, find a fun free font like Snowinter that exudes winter frost, stick with deep reds, blacks and white accents—your guests will get excited and instantly start brainstorming their outfits.

Once you have a design, use it on signage and any thank-yous sent post-event to really make the theme pop!

Red and black checked Holiday Party invitation with Flannel Background

Dress code

when sending out the invites, don’t forget to mention the dress code to take it up a notch. It could be as simple as saying: flannel required! Or instruct guests to don their best flannel or frosty wear. If you’re in an office environment, you could even turn this into a friendly competition where you vote on who has the most festive outfit.


Here’s the ultimate décor checklist for a flannel & frost party. The decor is where your theme can really shine and impress your guests. Consider different variants of green and red, snow-dressed details and anything that pays tribute to the great outdoors.

  • White tablecloths
  • Flannel table runners
  • Plaid napkins
  • Frosty white trees (added bonus if they have a little sparkle)
  • Twinkly snowflake string lights
  • Red and white candles
  • Frost-covered pinecones with glitter
  • Paper snowflakes (you can even have guests make some during the event!)
  • Wreaths with flannel bows
  • Wreaths with “snow” and white accents
  • Presents wrapped in plaid with white bows
  • Red and white candies—M&Ms anyone?
  • White or plaid picture frames to use as food description displays
  • Frost-covered branches and wood accents to cover buffet tables
  • Wine bottles spray-painted white with frosty accents
  • White paper straws

What other ideas would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

red holiday candle with pinecone decor


The menu is surely one of the most important pieces of any event! Stick with reds and whites to really fuel the theme!

Here are a few fun menu items to consider:

  • White cheddar, cranberry and chipotle dip – with seasonal apple wedges, vegetables, pretzel bites and sliced mini baguettes
  • Caprese skewers – Fresh ciliegine mozzarella with grape tomato, fresh basil and olive oil on a skewer
  • Saltimbocca bite – Thinly sliced prosciutto wrapped around tender chunks of garlic and herb marinated chicken on a skewer with sun-dried tomato mayo
  • Gourmet peppermint cookie – Chocolate cookie with crushed peppermint
  • Holiday butter cookies – Decorated handmade butter cookies

If you want to get really creative, go for the hot chocolate and toppings station and create your own flair! Our station features hot chocolate, whipped cream, sprinkles, chocolate curls, candy cane, crushed Oreos and mini marshmallows. You can add flannel cups or mugs or red hot candies and snowflake sprinkles to top every drink with.

Want more food ideas? See more from our holiday menu!


What’s a party without a little competition and dress-up? Here are some ways to liven up your flannel and frost celebration.

 Set up a photo booth or selfie station

Get props like flannel beanies, flannel scarves, a snowflake tiara, white snowflake glasses, “let it snow” word bubbles—there are so many ways to get creative! Make sure they use the hashtag #flannelandfrost when posting.

Paper snowflake competition

Have everyone channel their inner artist and create a paper snowflake masterpiece. They can all be hung, and votes can be cast at the end of the party to determine the winner!

Gift wrap relay

Set up a station with all the festive wrapping essentials, from plaid wrapping paper to flannel bows, glittery ornaments and white ribbon, as well as plenty of scissors and tape. Break everyone up into teams and stage a relay race. Who will be the fastest wrapper?

gift wrap relay holiday activity

There are so many fun ways to celebrate the season with friends and coworkers, especially when you add festive themes to the mix. If you’re in need of catering inspiration for your theme party this holiday season, contact us online or give us a call at 847-593-2000.


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