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18 Frozen Summer Drinks to Add to Your Summer Picnic

It is time to start planning the fun, exciting, summer picnics and special events.

No summer event theme is complete without a few signature frozen summer drinks.  We have compiled this list of frozen cocktails and beverages to help give you ideas as to how to spice up your outdoor party.

5 nautical drinks

Any of these drinks will be perfect for events with a nautical, ocean or tropical feel.  Serve one, a couple or all of them and your guests will get to sample a little taste of paradise.  For even more nautical fun, combine these with our ocean-themed picnic.

Frozen Rock Lobster—this blend of coconut and dark rums pairs with the fruity richness of banana liqueur, cherry grenadine syrup, and orange and pomegranate juices. Blend with ice and serve extra cold.

Frozen Mangorita—mix Absolut Mango, mango sorbet, freshly squeezed lime juice, ice and tequila, and blend until smooth. Dust the rim of the glass with sugar, garnish with a sugar-dusted lime slice, and serve.

Florida Rum Runner—a combination of banana liqueur, blackberry brandy, cherry grenadine syrup, lime juice, rum and crushed ice is an easy way to bring the tropics to life at your event.

Hawaiian Margarita—take a mini vacation from reality with this frozen pineapple, frozen strawberry and tequila blended mixture.

Blood Orange Bonanza—for a frozen beverage that will inspire thoughts  and memories of any and all island getaways, blend together blood orange slices, grenadine, ice, light rum and X-Rated Fusion Liqueur. Garnish with a blood orange slice and enjoy.

5 around the world

For any event theme or menu involving international cuisine or activities, serve one or two of these beverages for added international fun.

Coffee Frappe—almost every country in the world not only enjoys coffee but also makes its own classically memorable coffee varieties.  For this blended frozen beverage, combine cold water, instant coffee, sugar, ouzo, milk, vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup and mint for a refreshing, delicious frozen, dessert-style summer after-dinner drink.

Saba Colada—blend Blue Curacao liqueur, Thai coconut milk, Malibu rum, simple syrup, pineapple and ice until foamy. Top with a slice of coconut and serve extra chilly.

Traditional Margarita—everyone knows this summer favorite. Blend ice, lime juice, sour mix, tequila and triple sec, salt the rim and garnish with a lime, and your guests will love this fiesta-infused frozen beverage.

Frozen Black Irish—for a frozen after-dinner beverage sure to make your guests wish they were Irish, blend these yummy items to create an ice cream-style summer drink: Bailey’s Irish cream, Kahlua coffee liqueur, vodka, vanilla ice cream and ice. Garnish with a sprig of mint (and maybe a little whipped cream and shaved chocolate curls!).

Frozen Bellini—a blended twist on an Italian-style favorite. Mix plenty of ice, peach puree, simple syrup, sparkling wine and triple sec and garnish with a peach wedge for some extra peachy-deliciousness.  As an added bonus, include wedges of strawberries, apple pieces, banana slices or grapes and an extra splash of sparkling wine to make this an even fruitier frozen treat.

5 around the us

While the USA may not be known for Bellinis or margaritas, we are known for its distinct regions. These drinks are designed to make you think “America” when you consume them, bringing a little bit of patriotism to your summer picnic.

Frozen Lemonade Beer Punch—it does not take much to make this fun beverage, and its perfect for everything from a summer barbeque to a tailgate party.  Mix frozen lemonade (ice and fresh or prepared lemonade blended until thick), light beer and vodka to create a light, refreshing frozen summer drink.

Blue Bayou—this frozen cocktail combines Blue Curacao liqueur, grapefruit, pineapple and vodka, blended with ice, to make a deliciously refreshing summer beverage.

Red, White & Blue Strawberry Daiquiri, Blue Curacao & Pina Colada Blend—three drinks combine to make this American flag-inspired frozen summer beverage. For the strawberry daiquiri, blend lime juice, rum, simple syrup and strawberries. For the pina colada, blend coconut cream, pineapple juice and rum. Blend Blue Curacao liqueur with ice until thick.  Pour the strawberry daiquiri mixture into a glass 1/3 full, top with 1/3 glass of pina colada, and finish with Blue Curacao liqueur. Use a stirring stick to carefully swirl the mixtures, creating a red, white and blue effect.

Berry Burst—you will need Belvedere Black Raspberry liqueur, heavy cream, fresh blackberries, skim milk and strawberries for this summer frozen beverage. Put everything in a blender, add crushed ice and blend until smooth. Garnish the glass with a few whole blackberries and serve chilled.

4 fun themes

The best part about summer events is that they are all supposed to be fun! Use any of these drinks when you just want to add an extra touch of enjoyable color, some fruity deliciousness or a new take on a classic favorite.  You—and your guests—will be glad you did.

Frozen Lemonade and Coconut Rum—easy to make, and even easier to drink. Combine frozen lemonade and Malibu to create a simple and delicious summery beverage.  For an added twist, include strawberries, mango, blueberries or raspberries to ramp up the summer flavor volume.

Mango-Mint-Rum Slush—chopped mango, ice, mango nectar, lime juice, sugar, white rum and fresh mint blend together for a flavor sensation unlike any other.

Frozen Fruity Margaritas—the sky is literally the limit when it comes to fruity blended margaritas and the possible combinations you can create. Make sure you have the basic staples, including lime juice, triple sec and ice, and get creative with additions like raspberries, peaches, apples, blackberries, strawberries, pineapple, or any combination of the above.

Blended Rum & Soda—sure, Coca-Cola is the traditional go-to combination for rum and soda, but this is your chance to get creative with this blended beverage concoction. Combine plenty of ice (enough to make it a slushy-style drink), your favorite soda and either spiced or coconut rum for a delicious, frozen summery treat.

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