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Delightful Food and Drink Pairings

Ode to the perfect pairing! Anyone who appreciates food knows there’s a serious art to a hearty bite of food followed by a splash of the complementary beverage to wash it down. Food lovers discovered a long time ago that how you pair your food and drinks has a big impact on the meal’s mood, where the conversation is headed and the memories to follow. A pairing can most certainly make a difference when planning any kind of special event.

Whether you’re planning a company cocktail hour, wedding reception or holiday event, it’s essential that you have all your bases covered. Here are some ways we can provide the perfect pairings and more:

Build your own street tacos. And also your own bloody marys.

Street tacos are enough to get the party started regardless of the level of formality. Your guests will appreciate the option to dress their plates how they want when you provide them with beef barbacoa, shredded chicken tinga and an assortment of black bean and corn salad, pico de gallo, onion cilantro relish and flour tortillas.

You know what pairs well with build-your-own street tacos? Build-your-own bloody marys! Arrange for a bar with all the favorite pickings like celery, cheese, sausage, green olives, Worcestershire sauce, lemon and lime wedges and pickles. Don’t forget the cholula hot sauce.

It’s important to offer non-alcoholic options too. Try an infused water with jalapeno, cucumber and mint. Yum!

Street Tacos

Short ribs and, you know…red wine

There’s nothing like a well-marbled bite of beef that easily pulls away from the bone and melts in your mouth. One of our favorite entrees to recommend stars the braised short rib with red wine, pearl onions, fresh herbs and mushrooms. Pair this with a lovely cabernet sauvignon, cab franc or merlot for your next holiday dinner and you and your guests will find yourselves having a jolly old time.

Mac and cheese and a refreshing pale ale

If we had to mention at least one of our chef action stations to recommend for your special event, we’d have to go with the mac and cheese station. It features cavatappi pasta (what else?) with aged yellow four cheddar cheese and toppings—roasted mushrooms, green onions and roasted peppers and jalapenos. A spoonful of this heavenly mixture is only best accompanied with a beer with a malty profile and a little bit of hop like a pale ale.

Macaroni and Cheese Pairing

Japanese beer and sushi, maybe a little sake

Sushi gives your guests the perfect opportunity to mix and match, mingle and wander. And you can take it virtually anywhere when it comes to appealing to particular dietary preferences and tastes. Try out our assortment of maki rolls and nigiri sushi accompanied by soy, pickled ginger and wasabi. A Japanese beer, dry riesling or even sake will add that little bit of magic to your next event.

Mimosas for the brunch lovers

Where are our brunch lovers at? We see you. And actually, we created some delectable pairings with you in mind. Light, fluffy country jumbo eggs, caramelized banana French toast, thick slices of applewood bacon and roasted Yukon potatoes will certainly pair nicely with your mimosa. Treat your guests to sparkling wine, choice of cranberry, orange or grapefruit juice and a strawberry or blueberry garnish served in a flute.

Mimosas Paired with Brunch
Maria Harte Photography

Mini pairings for the win!

Mini pairings make every event. We live for the face that people make when we hand them an adorable shot coupled with a small bite of deliciousness. Food connoisseurs around the world certainly knew that minis were the way to people’s hearts. Our foodies know this too. Here are some of our newest pairings for you to try on for size:

Tomato and grilled cheese

A sip of creamy tomato soup shot and a grilled cheese you can hold between your two fingers.

Maria Harte Photography
Maria Harte Photography

Shot and brat

Okay, this one is just plain fun to say aloud. And it’s delicious. Your guests will love our mini brats with mustard and kraut and a swig of the perfect beer.

Beer and Brats Food Pairing Shooter
Maria Harte Photography

Margarita and ceviche

Sometimes you need a whole margarita, and other times all you want is to satisfy that little bit of craving for that sour kick. Meet our margarita and ceviche shooters.

Baileys and brownie

Who wants dessert? Get your sweet tooth fix with a little Baileys and a mini brownie that you will want to wrap in a cloth and swaddle.

Baileys Paired with a Brownie
Maria Harte Photography

There’s so much more that goes into selecting the cutest couple of pairings for an event. It’s about the ambiance we create for the important guests in attendance and how easily they slip into a state of comfort and enjoyment.

We hope these pairings filled you with inspiration for your next special event. Our full-service menu has tons of delicious options that allow for an all-in-one, customized experience. What special moment are you celebrating? We’d love to help you come up with the ultimate pairings and more. Connect with us!

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