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Baby Shower Theme: Mommy-to-Bee

Planning a gender-neutral baby shower is easy with a mommy-to-bee shower theme. Black and yellow make a bold and lively statement, a welcomed contrast to the usual pastel blue or pink baby shower colors.

Follow this mommy to bee baby shower checklist to make sure your guests are buzzing with excitement.

Mommy-to-Bee Baby Shower Checklist

garden venue baby shower

Task #1: Choose a Baby Shower Venue

This baby shower theme is best hosted outdoors in a local park or garden or at your own home. However, outdoors or indoors, no matter where the shower is held, the theme will be obvious by the colors and décor throughout.

baby shower bee invitations

Task #2: Make Bumble Bee Baby Shower Invitations

Gone are the days of having to buy professional invitations and send them via snail mail. Save money and communicate adorable with these baby shower invitation ideas:

  • DIY or printable invitations. Make your own or choose from the endless printable bumble bee baby shower invitations online. You can get creative with bee and beehive shapes and decorations. Just be sure to include the date, start and end times, location, RSVP info and of course, where the mommy-to-bee is registered.
  • E-invites. This eco-friendly option has the added benefit of allowing guests to RSVP and correspond online. Consider setting up a website where guests can organize gift giving, carpools and baby shower surprises.
  • Play off “bee” words. Bumble bee baby shower invitation wording should be playful with sayings like “mommy-to-bee” and “buzz on over.”

Task #3: Decorate to the Mommy-to-Bee Baby Shower Theme

Yellow and black should be the main color scheme of this shower theme. These bumble bee baby shower decoration ideas will really make the theme bloom:

  • Balloons. An easy and cost effective way to carry out the theme. Decorate the venue with black, yellow and white balloons.
  • Yard sign. Let guests know they have arrived at the right place with a decorative sign reading, “Buzz on in to the party!”
  • Bumble bee baby shower banner. Black and yellow banners reading “Mommy-to-bee!” and “What will it bee?” are festive reminders of the adorable theme.
  • Tableware: look for striped and polka dotted patterned in your black, yellow and white baby shower theme colors. Bumble bee and honeycomb designs will look great on any of these.
  • Bumble bee baby shower centerpieces. Beeswax candles and spring flowers ,like sunflowers, roses and daisies, are popular options. For added creativity, consider putting the flowers in empty honey bears, filling baby food jars with black and yellow candy and showcasing adorable stuffed bumble bees on the tables.
  • Tent and place cards. If using name cards or menu tent cards, make sure they match the theme, with black and yellow colors or you can even have them designed to match the invite!

bumble bee cupcakes

Task #4: Cater To Your Honey Theme

When you think of bees, you probably think of honey. This natural sweetener can work its way into food and beverages with these sweet ideas:

  • Bumble bee baby shower cake. Talk to your bakery about creating a bumble bee or honeycomb-shaped cake.
  • Cupcakes. Layer on the yellow frosting in the shape of a beehive, and garnish with sugar bees. You can also decorate chocolate cupcakes with stripes of white and yellow frosting.
  • Marshmallow bumble bee pops. Decorate marshmallows as bumble bees for a fun twist on more traditional cake pops. Then, decorate the sticks so the bees sit on flowers.
  • Hint of honey food. Honey works its way into more dishes than you might think. Try honey-mustard chicken salad, honey glazed chicken and honey cornbread.
  • Drinks with honey. Summer beers, lemonade and iced tea can be sweetened with honey.
  • Flavored honey sticks. Display these in a honeycomb vase along side hot and cold tea so guests can sweeten their drinks as desired.

black and yellow bingo

Task #5: Plan Mommy-to-Bee Baby Shower Games

Consider your guests when planning baby shower activities, everyone should have fun with this selection of baby shower game ideas:

  • Jeopar-bee. A twist on the traditional Jeopardy. Guests must answer with “What would bee” or they will hear the buzz that indicates an incorrect answer.
  • Bingo present opening. Give each guest a honeycomb bingo card and black and yellow pencil to record what gifts they think the mommy-to-bee will receive. As she opens the presents, guests will mark their correct guesses with a bee sticker. The first guest to fill a row wins bingo.
Silver lids on mason jars that have a bee printed on it

Task #6: Give Sweet Bumble Bee Baby Shower Favors

The symbolic value is often more important than the gift itself, so be sure your baby shower favor matches your shower theme and values:

  • Flowers. These are the perfect ending to an eco-friendly baby shower.
  • Local honey. Baby food jars are an appropriate container, but you can decorate any jar to match your baby shower theme.  In the Chicago area?  Give these honey experts a try.
  • Burt’s Bees. Many people love the idea of giving beeswax lip balm from this company that values sustainability.

When you have a vision and understand how it all comes together, getting set for an event is easier than you think. We believe event planning takes two things: inspiration and resources that help bring your ideas to life.


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