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Spooktacular Ideas for Your Office Halloween Party

MUHAHAHAHA. Are you practicing your best cackle for your upcoming office holiday party? Not only are office Halloween parties bloody fun, but they are natural morale boosters, support team-building and help connect people across departments.

The reassuring part about planning a Halloween party at the office is that the internet is chock full of monsters and pumpkin-flavored sweets to inspire your theme, décor, food and festivity ideas. Here are a few of our favorites:

Ghostly Good Themes

Though it’s optional, your coworkers will appreciate a well-thought-out theme. Gothic, monster mash, carnival and safari—there’s no shortage of ways to dress an office in honor of All Hallows’ Eve.

Themes can lead to some pretty fun group costume coordination. What show is everyone talking about? Orange is the New Black? The Walking Dead?

How about a superhero theme? Wonder Woman, the Joker, and Thor are your classics, but if you’re a big Marvel fan, this is your chance to educate your coworkers and supercharge your workday. Anyone can rock a cape.

We’ve been seeing a lot of Harry Potter-themed parties. This is a great way to bring the holiday spirit out of your fellow office muggles. A simple black gown, broom and stick that could pass for a wand are all you need. One question: which house are you?

Wicked Décor

Speaking of Harry Potter, there are many creative ways to capture the magic in your décor. Check out this tutorial on how you can recreate Hogwarts’ floating candles.

The beauty about decorating the office for Halloween is you don’t have to make it complicated. Surprise your coworkers with a few fun tricks. Color some ghost eyes onto all the toilet paper rolls. Turn the break room fridge into Frankenstein. Create labels for the condiments that say things like “vampire blood” or “witch’s brew.” Cover your workplace top to bottom in cobwebs and crime scene tape.

Scare Your Pants Off Cuisine

Now that we’ve covered the décor tricks for the office, we can focus on the treats. Just remember that this is one of those rare occasions when the less appetizing your appetizers look, the better. Sure, you can serve your guacamole in a regular fashion, or you can try this queasy pumpkin on for size.

For drinks, it’s all about props. Serve your spiked punch from a cauldron or from a bowl of dry ice for an added spooky effect.

Scare your dinner guests with a meatloaf arranged into a hand or foot. Make a delicious yet frightening pan of pasta with olives as eyeballs poking out of it. Stuff your peppers with extra bloody-looking tomatoes. Your imagination is a wild place.

Maybe you’re looking for a holiday celebration that’s lower maintenance. In any scenario, your team will appreciate free candy or a free breakfast or lunch.

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble-Filled Activities

Let the Halloween games begin! Bobbing for apples, a game that has been popular since the 17th century, is a party favorite. Halloween bingo and jack-o-lantern carving contests are two other fun options.

Don’t forget about setting the dark scene with music! We created this Nightmare Before Christmas playlist, which is a big hit at our holiday parties.

Are there any haunted attractions in your area? If so, arrange a field trip during which you and your team can explore all the eerie sites that will raise hairs and superstitions.

How about getting the children involved? Set aside an hour where your kids can wander from department to department on the quest for chocolate and candy. Bringing your kids to work trick-or-treating is a good way to spread holiday cheer and allow employees to spend time with their families.

It brings us great joy to put together festive treats and dinners that pay tribute to Halloween and other important holidays. We’d love to help you throw your next office Halloween party. Contact us and tell us your spookiest ideas!

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