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Planning Your Office Holiday Party in Chicago

If you are thinking of rewarding employees with an office holiday party during this incredibly busy season, we applaud you. We know it is not easy to pull off, especially if you are planning to organize most of it yourself. Our first piece of advice: enlist some help! Surely there are other people in your company who would love to work with you on planning such a fun event. And you always have our Chicago catering professionals in your corner.

Our second suggestion is to make a solid plan—one guided by experienced event planners. And this holiday party planning checklist is exactly the foundation you need to plan a flawless office party.

Host a Holiday Party at Work Chicago

Office Holiday Party Planning Checklist

Plan Ahead to Reduce Stress

Everyone has a jam-packed calendar during the holiday season—and that includes employees, vendors and entertainers. So let everyone you would like to have attend or service your office holiday party know about it well in advance. And checking these tasks off your holiday party planning to-do list will also free up your busy schedule.

  • Send out fun office holiday party invitations: Not everyone looks forward to an office holiday party, but they will when they receive a playful invitation. Added bonus if you can let them know they will get off work a few hours early that day.
    • Tip: Think about your holiday party theme and whether it calls for more formal or casual dress, and then inform guests about what to wear. Maybe even let them know about an ugly sweater contest.
  • Design a custom menu: Choose a variety of traditional favorites and innovative holiday party foods from a premier holiday party menu.
    • Tip: Feature some local foods to remind employees of their company’s strong connection to the local community. Our Great Lakes cheese selection is a popular item at Chicago office holiday parties.
  • Reserve a photographer: If you can find room for this in your office holiday party budget, it will give you lots of great content for your social media and company website.
  • Plan inclusive holiday party entertainment: It is really critical that everyone feels comfortable and valued at your office holiday party. Ice breakers that help employees from all divisions mix and mingle are a great starting point, while department awards and recognizing corporate success as a whole are a great way to wrap up the evening.

Decorate Your Office With Festive Holiday Decor

Prepare Your Office for the Party

We probably do not have to remind you that efficiency matters. And this is as true for your office holiday party as it is for your day-to-day operations. A seamless event allows guests to get more out of the experience. Set up your office space so it is ready for action:

  • Set out nametags: Everyone has their favorite co-workers, and they are likely to want to socialize with them at your holiday party. But this is also a great time for employees at large companies to get to know co-workers in other departments. And nametags are a subtle cue to encourage mixing and mingling outside their usual network of friends.
  • Facilitate event flow: Set up food stations so guests move through quickly. Our exceptional holiday party food will entice them to make quick selections, so all you need to do is arrange it thoughtfully. Some things to consider are:
    • Set up desserts and beverages last along buffet lines
    • Keep a clear path where guests line up
    • Have guests exit toward their seating area
  • Decorate the office: Bright table covers and festive centerpieces on guest tables help create a jovial atmosphere.
  • Provide ample seating: Guests will spend longer socializing over small bites or even main meals when seating is not an issue. So make sure you have enough lunch tables and highboys available and that they are well-cleaned and maintained so guests want to hang out.

Holiday Office Party Dessert Display

Be Ready for Your Delivery

  • Know your delivery time: Tasty Catering provides 30-minute delivery windows during December, so you are never waiting around on your catering company. Upon arrival, the driver will give you a call at the number you provided. So just be ready to answer, and he will take care of all the rest!
  • Clear a path: Make sure the driver and cart can get to where the food is being set up. This will ensure efficient delivery upon arrival.

There are so many reasons to host a holiday party at your office. And with one of the most experienced Chicago catering companies supporting you, you can have all these benefits without any of the stress associated with planning an office party. To have delicious holiday party food delivered on time and on budget, contact us online or give us a call at (847) 593-2000.

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