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Plan a Game of Thrones-Themed Party Fit for a King or Queen

Although winter is pretty much over, the final season of Game of Thrones is upon us. Easily one of the most popular book series adaptations and television phenomena of the 2000s, Season 8’s trailer smashed HBO records at 81 million views across YouTube, Facebook and Twitter in 24 hours after its release.

Twelve million viewers experienced Season 7’s ice cold cliffhanger. In homes across the globe, jaws dropped and fans jeered at the unsettling turn of events regarding Jon Snow, Daenerys, her dragons and everyone battling for and affected by the ongoing fight for the Iron Throne (no spoilers—you’re welcome).

Season 8 will surely be a moment in television history to enjoy and share with other GoT fans. If you haven’t organized a group of your favorite lords and ladies for a Game of Thrones-themed party, it’s not too late! If this sounds like a fun idea, here is a little inspiration and some ways to plan yours:

Game of Thrones Themed Dinner Party

Decor from the Seven Kingdoms

Whether you’re rooting for House Targaryen or House Lannister, there are so many creative ways you could transform your home or workplace into Westeros. Every room or office could essentially be its own kingdom.

For the bathroom, all you need is to print out that iconic picture of Tyrion holding a crossbow, frame it and hang it on the back of your bathroom door. A pleasant surprise for your guests or coworkers.

A living room or conference room could easily serve as King’s Landing, with a seat especially designated the iron throne. There are a number of ways you could create your own Iron Throne. If you don’t have the time or creative skill, you could make this mini throne instead.

Arrange some picnic benches with wooden tableware and candles to recreate the Night Watch’s headquarters at Castle Black. Invite everyone to sit and indulge in a feast fit for a king or queen. At your party, anyone could be the rightful heir. Place a crown and a goblet at every seat.

Dinner is coming

In the Game of Thrones universe, it’s generally socially acceptable for people to play with their food. From the North’s meat-heavy palate to the South’s exotic fruits, there are so many ways you could play off foods we enjoy in our daily lives here in this century and nonfictional world. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Honeyed chicken
  • Breakfast on the Wall: Boiled eggs, fried bread, ham steaks and wrinkled plums
  • Leg of lamb in a garlic-herb crust
  • Roasted chestnuts with spiced brandy
  • A charcuterie paired with various meats, cheeses and fruit spreads
  • Deviled dragon eggs
  • Dragonfruit

Charcuterie Board at Game of Thrones Themed Party

What’s a hearty feast without something to wash it down with? We suggest you go for a sweet plum wine, glogg or this lethal Wildfire Punch. If you’re craving a drink that’s simpler, try any red or brown ale.

If you’re interested in more GoT eats, head over to the Inn at the Crossroads, which arranges food by region. Here are even more awesome food and drink ideas.

If you’d like help putting together a menu for your Game of Thrones party, our inventive culinary team can help arrange the perfect menu and add any details you want. Over the years, we’ve catered plenty of themed corporate and social gatherings.

The game is the entertainment

Season 8 will surely inspire some epic viewing parties. Everyone who’s been sucked into the series will be more than ready for the commencement of one of most beloved sagas this current age has been a part of. Perhaps the Harry Potter generation is onto bigger things with, let’s say, content for more mature audiences.

Another activity could include a Game of Thrones-style murder mystery party (our money is on Cersei Lannister or Littlefinger).

We hope this post gave you plenty of inspiration for a GoT party at your home or office. What’s your favorite show? Can it be turned into a celebration complete with food, drinks and entertainment? Maybe we can help create it. Connect with us!

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