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Office Breakfast Club

All too often, adults show up to work without having had any kind of breakfast, even though we know—and frequently remind our children—that it is the most important meal of the day.

Instead of living on a simple cup of coffee, we suggest forming a group of co-workers who also find themselves going without breakfast in the mornings and doing something about it together.

Breakfast photo 2
A delicious yogurt parfait makes for a healthy breakfast.

Breakfast for the Whole Office
Encouraging people to eat breakfast is not always enough.  Sometimes you really have to help reinforce it.  Here are some ideas that you can take with you to the office next time you or a co-worker show up hungry.

  • Establish accountability partners who are responsible for asking each other what they ate for breakfast on a daily basis.
  • Swap breakfast recipes and breakfast ideas.
  • Designate an official breakfast-eating room of the office (a conference room or kitchen will work perfectly).
  • Set up a monthly challenge in the office where employees document what they eat for breakfast every day for four weeks.
  • Organize a potluck breakfast party.
  • Subtract a few minutes from your office’s lunch break and use them toward creating a breakfast break in the morning.
  • Track your progress, energy levels and productivity to see just how impactful a good breakfast can be.
  • Reward your office for any increases in behavior or productivity with a monthly catered breakfast.
Breakfast photo 3
An oatmeal spread is a great way to start any day.


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