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Chicago Picnic Theme: Fiesta-Themed Picnic

Because fiestas and picnics are both a time of celebration and festivities, they are a perfect pair. Combine the two—throwing a fiesta-themed picnic—and your guests are in for unparalleled fun. Its lighthearted nature, playful style, engaging games and popular food make a fiesta theme one of our top picks for company picnics. But any group looking to have exceptional fun in the sun will love the lively atmosphere that these fiesta party theme ideas bring out.

As international picnic themes become increasingly more popular, look for creative ways to put a fun twist on these fiesta picnic ideas.

Fiesta-Themed Chicago Picnic

Playful Fiesta Theme Picnic Ideas

Bright and Open Chicago Picnic Venues

Vast spaces, lush green lawns and incredible backdrops are the open canvas that your fiesta picnic theme needs to flourish. There are plenty of fantastic picnic venues in Chicago, but we’ve found a few that support this theme exceptionally well. These three spaces are tested, and they are proven hits:

  • Decoma Day Camp: With soccer fields being among its on-site amenities, this is one of our favorite Chicago venues for sporty fiesta picnics.
  • The Shores of Turtle Creek: Matching all our criteria for the best places to picnic in Chicago, this stunning lodge situated on 32 meticulously maintained acres surpasses expectations. Invite up to 5,000 guests to your impeccable fiesta at The Shores of Turtle Creek.
  • Discovery Day Camp: Known by locals as an oasis for happy children, this vast venue features a 4,000-square-foot picnic pavilion, multiple athletic fields and a whole host of other amenities that facilitate top picnic activities.

Shores of Turtle Creek Outdoor Picnic Chicago Area

Southwestern-Style Picnic Décor

Fiestas are bright and colorful events with no shortage of festive colors and pride. Bring out the bright and colorful cascarones, paper flowers, tissue paper pom poms, cutout garlands and banners to set the tone for your fiesta-themed picnic. To complete your bright and colorful décor, consider the following fiesta party decorations:

  • Sombreros
  • Chili pepper whirls
  • Woven fiesta serape table runners
  • Serape blankets
  • Inflatable cactus

Southwestern-Style Picnic Decor

Fiesta Theme Picnic Entertainment

Fiestas are all about celebrating and enjoying the moment to its fullest. To facilitate this, fill your party with fun games for all ages. Because fiesta theme party ideas bring children and adults together in playful ways, they are ideal for picnics. So line up a mariachi band, pass out the maracas and set up these games:

  • Pass the sombrero
  • Limbo contest
  • Capture the flag

One of the great things about fiestas is their ability to bring out the fun in any celebration and activity. So while we encourage you to have fun with all our fiesta game suggestions, any of your favorite picnic games will be welcome at your picnic.

Limbo Games and Activities

Mexican picnic food offers a great diversity of items, ensuring that every guest finds something they love. In addition to popular Mexican foods like street tacos, chips and salsa and veggie quesadillas, we encourage you to incorporate some innovative and refreshing twists on Mexican cuisine. For example, margaritas and piña coladas are a must, but there are so many other creative frozen drinks your guests will love. And while sweet roasted corn is a sure hit, our summer Mexicali salad is another fantastic healthy Mexican appetizer that you’ll find on our 2018 picnic menu.

Street Tacos for Authentic Mexican Picnic Food

We are sure you will have fun piecing together your Mexican picnic menu. But if you’d like some inspiration from our culinary experts, then check out their top five creative picnic menu ideas. Complete with these delicious menu items, our Baja picnic is perfect for a fiesta picnic theme:

  • Street tacos
  • Citrus barbecue-glazed chicken breast
  • Corn on the cob: served street-style with mayonnaise, chili powder and lime
  • Ranchero beans
  • Mexicali rice
  • Summer Mexicali salad
  • Corn and flour tortillas
  • Onion cilantro
  • Chipotle salsa
  • Assorted cookies

Festive Fiesta Playlist

Planning a fiesta-themed picnic can be almost as much fun as seeing the joy it brings your lucky guests. To enlist the help of our friendly and incredibly knowledgeable Chicago catering team, contact us online or give us a call at 847.593.2000.

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