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Board Game-Themed Employee Appreciation

All the kids are going to school, which means the first month that reallyends the summer is September. To avoid the it’s-almost-autumn office blues, why don’t you try throwing your employees an appreciation party? Not some boring, midday coffee-break-with-balloons, but a board game-themed bash. And yes, there will be prizes.

Step One: Creating the Game Plan

First, you’ve got to decide: is this a team effort, or an individual challenge? If you choose teams, there are several ways to go about it. You could select team board games—like Sequence and Guesstures—or have one member of each team play a different game. Maybe the teams could be determined by age, or maybe they’re by department. If you want to play individually, that’s great, too; friendly competition is part of the fun!

Step Two: Promoting the Game

Once you know what the plan is, you’ll need to spread the word. Flyers, both electronic and printed, are the way to go. Keeping with the game theme, you can use the outside of the Monopoly board for the border of the paper as a fun spin!

Step Three: Prepping the Field

To decorate your game-playing atmosphere, punch holes in the tops of playing cards—the regular kind, and even Uno cards—and string them on pieces of brightly-colored ribbon. Hang several strands from the ceiling, and your conference room is ready for board game-themed party time.

Step Four: Feeding the Players

After playing a few games, you and your employees will want either a celebratory snack or something sweet to ease the sting of defeat. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Cupcakes of any flavor are easy to eat while playing (and delicious, too!). For additional flair, cut small, square pieces of white fondant and paint them like Scrabble tiles.
  • Popcorn, pretzels, nuts and chips: they’re great treats for while mulling over your Candy Land strategy, and are easily accessible in bowls during intense Jenga matches.
  • Arrange small sandwiches with two different colored buns in a checkerboard pattern.
  • Instead of the classic cheese ball, make the cheese into a cube, and place halved black olives on the sides like the faces of a die.

Whatever you choose to eat, keep it small; forks and knives tend to get in the way of most board games.

Step Five: Setting the Lineup

And, speaking of board games, these are a few of our favorites:

  • Clue
  • Sorry!
  • Risk
  • Mad Gab
  • Scrabble
  • Apples to Apples

Step Six: Rewarding the Victors

Lastly (and most importantly), prizes! Having a spin-to-win wheel at the entrance with prizes like scratch-off lottery tickets and free drink coupons for a nearby lunch spot is a great way to start off the party. Everyone gets to win! But, there’s got to be some kind of prize (besides bragging rights) for the bigger games. You could award restaurant gift certificates, store gift cards, brand new board games, and even gift baskets! Regardless, the real prize will be an afternoon or evening of lighthearted fun and good-natured competition for the entire organization.



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