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Picnic Venue Spotlight: Donley’s Wild West Town

Are you looking for a Chicago picnic grove that provides endless fun? Do you want to simplify your picnic planning? Providing a venue and entertainment all in one dynamic package, Donley’s Wild West Town has everything you need to round up your picnic guests for western-themed fun in the sun. Embodying an Old West atmosphere and backed by a friendly team of professionals, Wild West Town is one of our favorite places to picnic!

Park tickets grant your guests exclusive access to its museum, theme park, stunt show and more—giving them endless ways to play and simplifying your picnic planning!

Donley's Wild West Town’s

The Makings of an Exceptional Chicago Picnic Venue

Facilitates Popular Picnic Themes and Games

One look at the rustic décor and you’ll have no problem imagining how a western picnic theme will come to life at Wild West Town. Little additional decorating is needed to cultivate your desired atmosphere, and the games are already ready! Adults can sit back and relax as they witness a fantastic stunt show while children eagerly line up for pony rides. And that’s only the beginning! When your guests explore Wild West Town and its theme park, they will find the following attractions:

  • Gold Panning
  • Roping
  • CP Huntington Train Ride
  • Runaway Mine Cart Rollercoaster
  • Carousel
  • Hand Carts
  • Lazy Canoes
  • Slingshots
  • Shooting Gallery
  • Archery Range

Gold Panning and Activities at Wild West Town

Creates Relaxing and Memorable Experiences

There’s nothing like a walk down the Streets of Yesteryear to take guests back to a time of simple joy. They will slow down and savor the moments as they check out the old parlor and doctor’s office among a charming atmosphere. When they step into the museum, they will likely also want some photos with the historical displays of:

  • Cowboy memorabilia: spurs, whips, guns, ropes, saddles and more!
  • Law & order artifacts: death masks cast from dead outlaws’ faces, handcuffs and badges
  • Mineral mining equipment: gold and silver mine tools
  • Civil War pieces: medals, weapons and a soldier’s diary

Cowboy Memorabilia

Flawlessly Delivers Delicious Picnic Menus

With our talented Chicago catering team being the exclusive caterer for picnics at Wild West Town, you are guaranteed the most scrumptious menu items delivered on time and within your budget. We love to fill custom picnic menus with BBQ food to grill on-site. From a Texas BBQ with 18-hour smoked brisket to a down-home BBQ with tender baby back ribs, we have a BBQ menu that is exactly your style.

BBQ On Site at Wild West Town

While we love to help our clients design elaborate picnic menus that give guests a wide variety of choices, a simple menu with picnic favorites like our black angus hamburgers and jumbo angus beef hot dogs also fits in perfectly with a Western-themed picnic at Wild West. However you would like to demonstrate your theme and satisfy your guests, we are ready to grill it up with exceptional flavor and flare.

Our experts are excited to design a custom menu that fits in perfectly at any Chicago picnic venue you choose. To bring the highest-quality food and service to your outdoor event, contact us online or give us a call at 847.593.2000.

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