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Tasty Catering’s CEO Kornel Grygo Featured on AM 560 The Answer

We’re so excited to share that our very own Kornel Grygo participated in an interview with AM 560 The Answer’s Mike Scott. The segment, called “Part of the Answer,” focuses on providing listeners with trade secrets from some of the best companies throughout Chicagoland. It airs Sundays at 9:00 a.m.

Scott wanted to give listeners a deeper dive into Tasty’s award-winning culture and the key to 30 years of success.

“What makes us different is our people,” Grygo said. “Everyone here takes care of each other, and the staff goes above and beyond for our clients. They are what drive us to growth and new opportunities.”

When it comes to hiring people who fit the culture, Grygo explained to Scott, leadership hires for culture before skill.

“You can’t teach someone to smile and really take care of your customers,” Grygo said. “Everyone on our team genuinely cares about the outcome of every event.”

Kornel Grygo

Scott also wanted to know about Grygo’s history, how he began as a brand ambassador 13 years ago. While making deliveries for events, Grygo was able to attend college, and Tasty Catering worked with his schedule. After graduating UIC, it was then that he realized he wanted a future with Tasty. Grygo was named CEO on January 1, 2019.

The transition to CEO has been a calculated, steady process—one Grygo does not take lightly.

“Being a CEO is not a privilege; it’s a responsibility,” Grygo said. “There’s a lot of people who depend on you. So any bad decision you make is going to affect everyone.”

When asked to discuss specific events that exemplify our team and what we do best, Grygo pointed to when Tasty first began to cater weddings.

“We were inexperienced. When the seating arrangements changed, we were thrown off,” he explained. “But our team rolled up our sleeves and focused on what needed to be done.”

Now with over 10,000 events and dozens of awards under its belt, Tasty Catering has certainly helped to pave the way for others in the hospitality business who strive to provide exceptional service for people’s most meaningful moments.

Scott and Grygo also discussed the future of Tasty Catering, including plans for a new online ordering system, streamlining of internal processes and more. To listen to this interview in its entirety, visit https://560theanswer.com/content/all/partoftheanswer.


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