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Chicago Picnic Theme: Ballpark Picnic

Baseball-Themed Picnic
When April comes around in Chicagoland, it can mean only one thing: baseball season.

Spring has sprung. It’s time to grab those caps and gloves, head on down to the park and participate in America’s pastimes. We say pastimes (as in plural) because if there’s one thing that could give baseball a run for its money for that title, it’s picnicking. What could possibly make your next family or company picnic more fun than giving it an exciting baseball theme? Tasty Catering knows both like the palm of our hand, and we have a whole lineup of great ideas for your next baseball-themed picnic.

Hit a home run with your picnic menu!

Food stations are a popular trend in picnicking, and tying the idea into a baseball theme can be a lot of fun. How about a four-station baseball diamond picnic with first, second, third and home?

  • First base can be your warm-up ballpark favorites like popcorn, peanuts and Cracker Jacks!
  • Get ready to snag second, where you’ll find some cheesy and crunchy nachos.
  • Round the bag and race for third with hot-off-the-grill burgers and mouthwatering hot dogs (ketchup optional, of course).
  • Finally, head for home, where you’ll find decadent desserts like ice cream served out of a helmet customized to your favorite team (Cubs, Sox, or other).

Ballpark food is fun and appetizing, and Tasty Catering has all your bases covered. Check out our 2017 Picnic Menu for more inspiration.

Hot Dogs at Baseball Theme Picnic

Take the field with super fun activities!

Nothing can elevate your ballpark-themed picnic like a deep roster of fun activities for kids and adults.

  • For company picnics, a group softball game can build camaraderie and help reinforce the values of teamwork and togetherness.
  • Try and find a venue near batting or pitching cages (or you can just build them yourself!).
  • For the kids, you can always set up t-ball stations to help them work on their swing.
  • Add even more excitement for the kids with a baseball-themed moon bounce.

Our planning experts can help you put together the perfect lineup to make your picnic a blast.

Score with décor!

Your baseball-themed picnic had better look the part. Fortunately, capturing the sights and sounds of the ballpark atmosphere can be simple and exciting.

  • How about springing for some fresh new company baseball shirts? A beautiful script across striped jerseys or a baseball tee is a unique way to show appreciation for your employees and develop company loyalty.
  • Throw in some custom baseball hats or pennant banners to decorate your group’s caps and the surrounding area.
  • Hang up some World Series or “W” banners to give your venue a real championship feel.
  • If you want to build some anticipation and enthusiasm for the event, make up some custom invitations to look like a baseball game ticket!

guests at a baseball party

Play ball with an all-star playlist!

Music is a large part of the ballpark experience. Whether it be classic organ music or a DJ up in the box spinning all the top hits, baseball games have always been musical affairs. The Tasty Catering team hasn’t missed a beat by putting together an awesome playlist for your baseball-themed picnic event.

Baseball Themed Picnic Playlist

Baseball and picnicking—Tasty Catering knows that when you put the two together, you’ve got a winning combination. If you’re ready to throw out the first pitch for your next baseball-themed picnic, give our expert team a call at 847.593.2000 or contact us online and we’ll help make it happen!

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