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Franklin Park Catering Services

Tasty Catering has the expertise and the sources to assist our clients in reaping the maximum from their special business catering event whether through an annual picnic, holiday parties or customer appreciation. We are known for partnering with a number of leading corporations from Chicagoland to help them increase their sales, profits and productivity, establish employee and customer service and enhance employee morale.

Tasty Catering provides its catering services for both indoor and outdoor events. We also offer a wide range of dishes on our menu. We will help you create the finest corporate catering event regardless of your company’s event or the theme or the number of guests or your budget. When you retain the Tasty Catering professionals, you can rely upon them to be a creative team of talented experts!

We will do everything we can to eliminate the stress from your event planning by assuming a bigger role in the planning of the occasion.

Once our Franklin Park customers realize that Tasty Catering has the essential background and knowledge to ensure their corporate or business catering events are successful, they are quick to call us for our services. Many of the businesses in Franklin Park have been contacting us about their impending corporate catering event. They believe Tasty Catering has the best options available for corporate catering!

Corporate Catering

Franklin Park, Illinois is located in Cook County. Named for Lesser Franklin who settled the area in the 1890s, Franklin Park boasts more than 1,200 industries and Rubicon technology and beer. Franklin Park incorporated in 1892. By 1948, 40 manufacturing firms called Franklin Park home.

Throughout the following decade, 155 new companies were added. Today, it is home to Grand Stand Pizza; A.M. Castle & Co., a leading distributor of carbon, alloy, stainless steel, cast iron and plastic; and AT Mechanical, and Franklin Park continues to be an ideal place for industrial expansion, today. Franklin Park has close to 20,000 residents, with more than 6,000 households and nearly 5,000 family households.

Franklin Park’s median income for a household is nearly $50,000 and its median family income is more than $54,000. Franklin Park businesses have been choosing Tasty Catering for their corporate and small business catering excellence. They understand that Tasty Catering is the company to go with if you want to host the most affordable, but successful small business or corporate catering event.

Franklin Park Business Catering

You can trust Tasty Catering to create a business or corporate catering event that will taste as delicious as it looks! We have the type of faultless judgment to assist you in being well prepared for your forthcoming catering event. Our customers say that they can always count on Tasty Catering when it comes to helping them determine the best and most affordable venue.

You most certainly are going to want Tasty Catering behind you when you are trying to decide how to pull off the most successful small business catering event. Acknowledging your employees for their hard work, service and dedication to your company is tremendously important.

At Tasty Catering, we don’t think there is any better means in which to honor your employees than holding a corporate catering event that will be a memorable celebration for them. We recommend you call us in order to schedule an appointment with us for your business catering celebration as soon as possible. Contact us today for more information.

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