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Totally Awesome Ideas for an ‘80s-Themed Picnic

The ‘80s are the cause of the widespread nostalgia affecting many of those who grew up during a time of righteous tunes, awesome games and radical parties. Excitement was around every corner. Steve Jobs introduced the first Macintosh computer. Sally Ride became the first woman to travel to space. Michael Jackson released Thriller. MTV. Gameboy. Jane Fonda. The Simpsons. President Reagan. The DeLorean DMC-12. DNA testing. The birth of the McNugget.

We remember the ‘80s all right. It’s when we catered our very first event! For 30 years, we’ve been providing exceptional catering for picnics across Chicagoland. As a tribute to the last 30 years working with our fabulous clients, we’re throwing it back in this picnic post.

Burger and Hot Dog at Themed Picnic

Keep in mind that we’ve been putting together picnics since the ‘80s, so we can fit any theme to match your corporate or social event. But if you’re in the mood for some retro inspiration for your next company picnic, feel free to borrow from this list.

30 years of delicious picnic eats

We’re SO excited to share our new picnic menu! And guess what? It has a fun theme with a nod to the ‘80s. Choose from so many delicious picnic eats. Everything from dogs to BBQ chicken and all styles of salad and corn on the cob—our team of picnic experts can create a gnarly picnic experience for you. Be sure to check out our crowd favorites or various packages that can accommodate groups of 50 or more.

Tasty Catering's Anniversary Picnic Menu

Explore our menu!

Fun ‘80s fact: Sloppy Joes were one of the most popular meals of the ‘80s. Kids everywhere craved that tasty mess of a sandwich.

Rad decor

We can help you create a rocking atmosphere for your team members, professional peers or group of family and friends regardless of the occasion. There’s an endless number of ways to style a table. Imagine a picnic dressed in slinkies, disco balls, rainbow-colored beads and silverware, inflatable guitars, neon signage even Rubix cubes.

Fun ‘80s fact: After designing what he called the “magic cube,” Erno Rubik had no idea how to solve the puzzle he created. The cube, made up of nine colored squares on each side, can be rearranged in 43 quintillion different ways!

Tubular entertainment

There is an endless amount of fun and games to bring to your ‘80s-themed picnic. Have a costume competition and encourage everyone to dress to impress. We’re talking Madonna-inspired necklaces. Big hair. Leg warmers. And fanny packs. How could we forget the fanny packs?

And if you’re going for an authentic ‘80s picnic, skip the Spotify playlist and tell everyone to bring their favorite mix tapes (if they still have them!) and pull out the boom box.

Connect Four Outdoor Game at Picnic

Other games to include are lawn-size Connect Four (the regular game was introduced in the ‘80s). You could event rent out arcade games. Pac-Man is a must.

Fun ‘80s Fact: After its debut in 1981, the first music video MTV ever played was “Video Killed the Radio Star” by the Buggles. Also, Black Entertainment Television (BET) was officially launched in 1980.

We’ve planned picnics around so many great themes. If you need help planning your family or company picnic, we’d love to help. Connect with us!

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