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Top 10 Benefits of a Weekday Company Picnic

Company picnics in Chicago are often scheduled during the weekend without even considering a weekday picnic at the office. Selecting a weekday picnic can provide significant advantages to guests, companies and picnic planners. Everyone’s life is made easier and corporate pride grows when an office parking lot is transformed into a bustling picnic venue in Chicago.

Read our top 10 reasons to choose a weekday for your picnic, and why this increasingly popular option will be far from an afterthought of company picnic planning.

10 Advantages of a Weekday Company Picnic

  1. Increased attendance: no company picnic invitation should be turned down, especially because an employee is deterred by the necessary travel. A weekday picnic eliminates this obstacle because employees will commute to their workday and picnic all in one trip.  afternoon picnic
  2. Afternoon or evening options: one of the best things about a picnic menu is that the food is versatile and pleases everyone. Because Chicago picnic food is suitable for afternoon or evening, you can invite employees to end the workday early or finish it with a picnic.
  3. Power of positive association: the office may not always be a fun place, but employees will think of it in a positive light after having fun at a weekday company picnic. Invite employees to relax and socialize over juicy Angus hamburgers and hot dogs so those memories flood back in when they return to the office.
  4. Reduces costs: every company is conscious of their bottom line. The countless benefits of hosting a company picnic make it one of the best investments a company can make. Choosing a weekday lowers the cost by eliminating venue rental costs. To save on picnic decorations, you may be able to use some office décor like flowers.
  5. Easier logistics: no need to reserve parking spots or a picnic venue in the Chicago area when you host a weekday company picnic by the office. You will also be likely to spend less time acquiring permits for alcohol and tents. Best yet, you won’t have to hassle with transporting items to the picnic venue or get any unfortunate surprises when you arrive.
  6. Duals as an open house: although a weekday company picnic guest list will be primarily employees, some family and friends may be invited. Why not open the doors to your office and invite them to a tour? This is a great way to educate family and friends while building corporate pride.
  7. Refreshes employees: one goal of great company picnic catering is to rejuvenate employees. Fresh food hot off the grill paired with our signature zesty pasta salad, watermelon and a frozen drink is sure to do the trick.  happy guests eating
  8. Facilitates company games: take a look around your office to get inspiration for great picnic games and activities. One idea we love is to ask guests to bring one item from their office, mix them all up, and then play a game guessing the proper owner. Encourage guests to surprise their co-workers with something they would not expect. This is a great way for employees to have fun while getting to know one another better.  games
  9. Naturally reinforces corporate spirit: it is easy to get wrapped up in an event and forget its roots. Choosing a company color picnic theme is one way to prevent this. But why not expand your options? Choose from 30 of the best company picnic themes while the weekday picnic venue naturally reminds guests where they are proud to work.
  10. Builds company brand: the public looks favorably upon companies that treat employees well. And people will notice when employees are laughing and chatting over the best Chicago picnic food. This positive impression is often overlooked, but it is one of the biggest benefits of hosting a company picnic on office grounds.

Even if you are far along your checklist for planning a company picnic and the date is set, it is not too late to enlist more great ideas from our Chicago picnic catering company.

With over 25 years of providing the best customer service and tastiest picnic food, we can help you throw a company picnic that employees will not want to miss. Contact us today to let us know what event goals we can help you reach.


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