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A CEO’s Thank You for the Last 30 Years

Today, we look back and celebrate. Over the last 30 years, it’s been our pleasure to provide food, beverage and event service to the Chicagoland region. During our Tasty Dawg restaurant days, we responded to our clients’ need for deli trays, company picnics and boxed lunches, and Tasty Catering was born. Never did we imagine a catering company that would produce 10,000 events a year.

In 1997, Tasty Catering moved into its own 5,000-square-foot facility. Then, in 2005, we relocated to a 23,500-square-foot home. We sold the final Tasty Dawg restaurant in 2005.

Picture of Tasty Dawg from 1984

Fresh beginnings that led to exciting growth

Tasty Catering enjoyed many years of double-digit sales growth between 1999 and 2012. Our fleet grew from one van to 22 trucks and vans. Our staff has grown, too—from just three employees to over 200 incredible staff members. Yes, the original three employees are still with us. This growth was far beyond our vision in 1989.

We’re grateful to be recognized for our service and hard work. Our peers acknowledged us as one of the 50 Leading Caterers of America. The press has recognized us as a great place to work—26 times. Two catering associations have honored us as a top U.S. caterer. The American Psychological Association has named Tasty Catering as one of the psychologically healthiest workplaces in the United States twice in the past four years. We treasure these accolades, but the best reward is our four percent turnover in an industry that averages 50 percent.

Tasty brought us closer to people

To our clients: we are honored to serve such wonderful people. We thank you for your belief in us, our values and our vision. Thank you for allowing us to help you achieve your event goals, create your dream weddings and celebrate the special times in your lives. Our brand promise is to provide you with quality and exceptional service, and we are thrilled when we do. You have become our friends and helped in our growth—professionally and personally. We treasure our relationships.

 To our staff: you are the reason for our success. You told us you wanted a values-based company built around the values you believe in and practice on a daily basis. You have held us accountable for developing staff, for bettering your lives. Many inspiring tribal stories exist within our organization about individuals setting benchmarks of behavior and leadership. Your willingness to give yourself, to share your discretionary thoughts, have resulted in an incredible business atmosphere. Every one of you is critical to our success.

To our vendor partners: you’ve helped guide us. We’ve learned and continue to learn from you. Your investment in us has led to mutual success. One of our biggest joys is having a vendor base of trusted reps.

Our future is bright: though this is most certainly not goodbye, the Walter brothers are stepping to the side and out of the center focus at Tasty Catering. The next leader, Kornel Grygo, has been an integral part of the Tasty Catering team for the last 12 years. He brings fresh technology and new knowledge yet steeped in the traditions of quality and service.

Thank you for a special 30 years.

Larry, Kevin, Tom

Walter Brothers, Larry, Tom and Kevin Walter holding up Forbes Magazine issues


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