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Our Favorite Moments and Reasons Why We Love Working Together

As this year comes to a close, we just wanted to take a quick breather to look back on everything we’ve accomplished together and what makes us what so many employees describe as “one big family.” We asked our team: what are your favorite memories over the past 30 years, and what do you most enjoy about working for Tasty Catering? Here’s what they said.

A Few of Our Favorite Moments

Inocenta Arzeta, Sandwich Team

My favorite moment was when we celebrated our 30th anniversary and I saw everyone have fun and play like little kids.

Want to see our 30th anniversary party? Check out this post!

30th Anniversay Party Staff Playing Games 30th Anniversay Party Staff Playing Games

Raul Ramirez, Brand Ambassador

My favorite moment is when Larry goes on vacation!

Santiago Moreno, Hot Line Supervisor

I like our pool parties because it’s fun to spend time with my family of co-workers.

Annual Pool Party at Rainbow Falls Annual Pool Party at Rainbow Falls

Maria Lucero, Hot Line Cook

When I am cooking is when I have the most fun. Jesse is one of the people that makes me feel good about what I do, and he shares his ideas with me.

Jodi Beck, Event Design Team

Easter egg hunt!

Easter Egg Hunt

Why We Love Tasty

Leonardo Victor, Brand Ambassador

As a driver, I like being able to interact with all the clients and especially enjoy working picnics.

Amanda Ellis, Special Events Coordinator

Everyone has the same common goal: make the work environment as stress-free as possible by following our core values.

Ofelia Gomez, Prep Team

One important thing that I enjoy about working at Tasty since I started is the commonality I found and the confidence that people give me.

Happy Staff Working Together at Event

Teresa Lopez, Senior Event Captain

We put quality into everything we do. Working as a team allows us to give our clients amazing events.

Kristen Banks, Business Development

I enjoy making lasting friendships and seeing familiar faces come back year after year.

Here’s to another outstanding year! Thanks to our team for all their hard work and dedication they provide for our clients.

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