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Chicago Oktoberfest Catering

Prost! Cheers! Are you planning an epic Oktoberfest celebration in Chicago and need a little help bringing all the traditional German favorites to the table? Tasty Catering has you covered with authentic Oktoberfest catering in Chicago that brings the flavor of this beloved international celebration to our fair city. Available from September 1 – October 31, 2024—prime Oktoberfest time!

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  • A Taste of Bavaria in Chicago

    Our Tasty Oktoberfest menu is available for all German food-loving feens from September through October! Our Oktoberfest menu offers two Buffet entrée options. The delicacies served up are all the same, from chicken schnitzel to German potato salad, just different styles! This will allow your family, your team, your friends—whoever you want to celebrate Oktoberfest with—to enjoy a German-inspired meal since we can’t actually go to Oktoberfest this year. We’ll bring a taste of Bavaria to Chicago instead! Minimum 10 guests.


  • Brats, Beer & More

    Don your most authentic tracht costume—dirndl or lederhosen—and get ready to sip some German-style ales with all the Oktoberfest eats you can handle. Our Tasty Catering Oktoberfest menu features Bavarian white bratwurst with sauerkraut and onion sauce, Jaeger-style chicken schnitzel with mushroom and ham cream sauce, accompanied by German potato salad with bacon and chives, glazed baby carrots, sweet potatoes with rosemary maple syrup and Brussels sprouts made the best way—with bacon and caramelized onions. Save some room for seasonal sugar cookies for dessert—or just have another beer. That is what Oktoberfest is all about, after all—the beer and brats!

Why Do We Celebrate Oktoberfest?

What most don’t realize is that the first Oktoberfest was hosted way back in October 1810 in Munich to celebrate a royal marriage. After that, they held an anniversary celebration annually, and in 1896, they added the iconic beer halls that are quintessential for Oktoberfest celebrations today. Since then, Oktoberfest has become one of the most iconic global foodie celebrations in the world—and we can’t wait to bring it to you here in Chicago.

How to Plan an Epic Catered Oktoberfest Event in Chicago

Luckily, when planning an Oktoberfest party in Chicago, you already have your theme set in stone. So, all you have to do is plan all the little details with Oktoberfest in mind.

  • Oktoberfest Beer Specials

    Okay—we have to start with this because it is a beer-inspired festival, after all.

    O’zapft is! This famous saying is what the mayor says when the first keg is tapped at Oktoberfest each year. Directly translated to “it has been tapped,” make sure you grab a keg (or just have everyone raise their steins at the same time) and proclaim the event has started by saying “O’zapft is!” Tasty Catering can provide a German-style beer lineup that will delight all your guests featuring national names like Sam Adams Octoberfest or local Chicago beers fit for the occasion.

  • Oktoberfest Decor & Setup

    To transform your Chicago event venue or backyard into a German Biergarten, you need a few things.

    First of all, picnic tables or long tables with benches on either side are the perfect way to get people mingling and enjoying the company! Put checkered tablecloths on top and use beer-inspired centerpieces and you’ll be good to go!

    Serve all beverages in steins for an even more authentic look.

  • Oktoberfest Games & Entertainment

    No party is complete without games. Here are a couple of Oktoberfest favorites you may want to add to your party lineup:

    • Beer Stein Holding Competition: Fun and simple! Each participant should have a full stein. They hold it out with one hand, and whoever can hold it up the longest wins! Time to start lifting weights in preparation, friends.
    • Stein Races: Especially great if you have some outdoor space! Split your group into a few teams. Provide each team with a stein filled with water—let’s not waste the beer—and when the bell sounds, the relay race begins! Each team member must run as quickly as possible around a relay point and pass it off to the next team member. Whoever finishes first but spills the least amount wins.

    Winners can be awarded an extra Tasty bratwurst. They’re really just for fun!

    Don’t forget the music! Oktoberfest is also known for its famous music stages, where German-style music is played throughout the festival. Hire a local German band or get a DJ to provide entertainment throughout your Chicago Oktoberfest party.

  • Oktoberfest Outfits

    Make sure on the invitation you tell your guests to wear all the Oktoberfest costumes! Men in lederhosen, ladies in dirndls—that will make for epic photo ops!

  • Oktoberfest Food

    Last, but absolutely not least… the food is the most important part of any Chicago catered event (in our professional opinion)! So to really transport your guests to Munich, you need to make sure you have authentic Oktoberfest food that delights. Our Oktoberfest menus feature favorites like schnitzel, bratwurst, German potato salad and more. Take a peek at the full menu to explore all the tastes of Oktoberfest Tasty will be serving up this season.

    Ready to book an Oktoberfest catered event this fall in Chicago? Tasty Catering is ready to help!

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