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Chicago Oktoberfest Catering

Tasty Catering has been offering its clients a variety of catering options for more than 24 years, and one of the most popular choices turns out to be our Oktoberfest catering event. It just so happens that Oktoberfest is one of the most fêted events throughout the world.

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Typically the festival is held from late September to the first weekend in October, however, even though the festival originated in Bavaria, you don’t have to be travel to Germany or be German to celebrate. In fact, our Oktoberfest catering celebrations are extremely well-loved by our clients in the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area.

Historically, the participants drank large quantities of beer and ate traditional German dishes like roast pork and sausages. Not much has changed regarding the menu, today. Frequently clients bend the rules as to the exact time of their Oktoberfest catering party, but they usually stick to the standard cuisine such as sausages and roast pig slowly cooked on a spit when they are hosting an Oktoberfest catering get-together!

Tasty Catering’s Oktoberfest catering pig roast is definitely a perfect backdrop to an outdoor catering fest in the fall. When you schedule an Oktoberfest catering celebration, you can count on it being a tremendous success with all your guests. It is also an ideal way to honor your own clientele with a treat they won’t soon forget!

Chicago Oktoberfest Party Catering

It should come as no surprise that we are widely regarded as being the number one choice of all our Chicagoland customers whenever they are looking for an Oktoberfest catering event. Because we are known for having well-established partnerships with many different facilities throughout the region, we can provide a broad selection of outdoor venues for your Oktoberfest catering.

With Tasty Catering at the helm of your Oktoberfest catering celebration, many of our clients have told us that not only did they enjoy the event as much as their guests did, but they have vowed to make this an annual get-together (as long as Tasty Catering is aboard) just like in the old country!

As a highly principled and ethical company that delivers service at a fair price, we are recognized for refusing to participate in any transactional relationships that are based only on price. Our company’s high standards are what help us provide the highest quality services for Oktoberfest catering at an affordable price for our clients. Furthermore, we area acknowledged for using only superior quality ingredients, and pledge to never purchase inferior quality items for our Oktoberfest catering in order to protect our margins.

Chicago Oktoberfest Catering

Bringing superior quality ingredients at affordable prices to our clients’ tables is one of our finest attributes. Tasty Catering is distinguished as hiring only highly-skilled staff who will observe our company’s core values. We will help you develop a theme, determine the décor and choose the entertainment for your Oktoberfest catering event. Our company will take care of all the basics so you don’t have to.

Isn’t it about time you contacted us about the Oktoberfest catering gala you’ve always wanted to host? To find out more about our Oktoberfest catering party, call Tasty Catering at: (847) 593-2000 today!


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