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2017 Picnic Season Wrap-Up!

Holiday parties here we come, and we are excited! But we have to confess, before we finish revealing our unique holiday party ideas, we have something else to share. We want to take a quick look back at yet another phenomenal picnic season.

From the experience of our friendly picnic team to the highest-quality food prepared with care, it takes an extraordinary amount of the essential picnic ingredients to put on the best events for our Chicago community.

So without further ado, let’s have a look.

2017 Picnic Season Recipe

Infographic showcasing numbers from Tasty Catering's 2017 picnic season

Looks like our recipe for picnic fun served Chicago well yet again, doesn’t it? We understand that our picnic review has you craving a custom menu and unsurpassed service unique to your next event. And we are happy to reassure you that you won’t have to wait until next year’s picnic season to benefit from the skill and experience of our Chicago catering team. We are ready to take on any and all event plans.

If you would like our trusted Chicago catering team to bring the highest-quality food and service to your next celebration, contact us online or give us a call at 847.593.2000.



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