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You can put your faith in Tasty Catering because we have the ability to convert your usual corporate picnic catering event into a triumph!  You can look forward to the unsurpassed outdoor catering event that this industry has to offer due to our pledge to excellence!  Additionally, it’s that time of the year where many people celebrate the summer with a Pig Roast or outdoor catering party and Tasty Catering is here to help with yours.  Our staff really pays attention to your ideas and puts in all their effort to make sure that your outdoor catering event is spectacular!  Tasty Catering gives our word that we will deliver the class that you are looking for in a catering company and we want our customers to relax so they can place their attention on their event.  Tasty Catering’s main principles are the groundwork in which we have built our picnic catering business and we take pride in what we do, check out are principles below:

  1. Always moral, ethical and legal
  2. Treat all with respect
  3. Quality in everything we do
  4. High customer service standards
  5. A competitive and strong determination to be the best
  6. An enduring culture of individual discipline
  7. Freedom and responsibility within the culture of individual discipline

Tasty Catering is measured to deliver the most important picnic catering services that the residents of Wheaton have been searching for!

Wheaton Picnic Catering Services

In 2010, Wheaton was listed by Money magazine as one of the 25 highest earning towns in the United States.  Wheaton, Illinois is a community located in DuPage County approximately 25 miles west of Chicago.  Our Wheaton customers persist on reaching out to Tasty Catering for all their outdoor catering needs with a population of almost 53,000 people.Wheaton has been using Tasty Catering for many of years because of our practiced master chef and culinary team that can attain your picnic catering goals. Our enthusiastic culinary team at Tasty Catering can service your picnic catering event with the best food in the city!  Tasty Catering promises to look out for the residents of Wheaton with their corporate picnic catering wishes for their business.  All the staff at Tasty Catering enjoys what they do and it shows through their work!  Tasty Catering’s total outdoor catering services will make your Pig Roast and picnic event exactly how you want it and the residents of Wheaton love to utilize all of our services!

Wheaton Outdoor Catering

Our crew, along with our master chef and culinary team can create a tasty spread exactly how you want it for your outdoor catering event.  Our clients know that when they give their thoughts and opinions to our Tasty Catering coordinators that they will utilize them.  We will also offer the most proper and within your means venue you will need for your picnic catering event and Pig Roast.  Pig Roasts have been super popular and a great addition to our outdoor catering picnics, and we are very able to get any job done.  Since 1989, we have been delivering the deluxe picnic catering services to our clients, and we certify that our cost-effective outdoor catering event will be a great accomplishment.  Also don’t be alarmed if after your full-size corporate picnic catering event that your colleagues will ask you to schedule the event as soon as possible with Tasty Catering for next year!  Tasty Catering is waiting for your phone call today, here is our number: (847) 593-2000.  We would love to help put your company’s corporate picnic catering event and Pig Roast on our summer calendar!

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