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Villa Park Picnic Catering Services

When it comes to your company’s next outdoor picnic, select a name you can have confidence in – Tasty Catering. In 1989Tasty Catering was started by three brothers because of their appreciation for food and really good service.

Through the years, Tasty Catering has bloomed into one of the more recognized outdoor catering professionals in the Chicagoland region. Our outdoor catering and company picnic catering is specifically for your company, especially if it has been lacking from your company gatherings and functions because of using another catering company.

Tasty Catering is proud to be a full-service outdoor catering company doing more than just purely catering the meal at your company picnic. We also help put together the decorations and include entertainment to guarantee your company picnic is a total accomplishment. It does not matter what variety of outdoor catering your business is in need of, because Tasty Catering can handle it all.

Since we opened up years ago, we’ve assisted many Chicagoland companies with the catering and coordination of their company picnics. Many of these groups just started taking advantage of our unique company pig roasts and pig roast catering. Our pig roast catering is specifically what you need to have to add more enjoyment and passion to your upcoming company event or picnic.

Over the past month, we’ve helped a number of Villa Park organizations plan and organize their summertime company picnics and outdoor catered events. Don’t be last in line and miss out! Many of these Villa Park company owners have already been taking advantage of one-of-a-kind pig roasts, which will surely catch the attention of their crowd this summer!

Villa Park Corporate Picnic Catering

The suburb of Villa Park, Illinois is located roughly 21 miles west of the Chicago Loop. Villa Park itself is part of both, York and Addison Townships. Given Villa Park’s location, it’s no wonder Villa Park has a rather high standard-of-living.

The majority of Villa Park’s 22,000 residents earn somewhere around the median family income of $63,000 and only 4.8% of the city’s population is below the poverty line. Villa Park is a middle class area that continues to grow each year. This in turn creates more businesses each year, and Villa Park is home to just over 2,212 businesses.

Yearly, plenty of these businesses find themselves in demand of a professional outdoor caterer as you can expect, and this just happens to be where Tasty Catering does really well. Not like other caterers, Tasty Catering is an industry leader of outdoor catering and picnic catering. Our staff members are highly-trained and experienced at catering a wide-range of outdoor company events.

Our picnic catering and outdoor catering will certainly impress your employees, as well as, any potential customers. If you truly want to make a positive impression, consult with us about our one of a kind pig roast catering services. Tasty Catering is one of the very few catering companies in the Chicagoland vicinity to offer pig roast catering.

Our pig roast will certainly attract an increased interest you’ve been trying to get; it will help keep your guests chatting about for a long time! Don’t go to yet another company picnic with a just a regular catering company, go with Tasty Catering who is the outdoor catering professionals!

Villa Park Business Catering

Many catering companies in the Villa Park neighborhood say they know how to cater outdoor events, but when the weather conditions are not so favorable and other outside components come into play, their lack of experience truly shows. When we tell you how great our outdoor catering and picnic catering is, we actually mean it!

You would want to have the help of the professional outdoor catering company, like Tasty Catering. Our experience with outdoor catering and company picnic catering is what helps make us much different from the others in the area. We will organize and prepare a perfect outdoor event that is surely to surpass all your company’s expectations.

With the assistance of Tasty Catering’s company picnics and exceptional pig roast, your company will certainly experience an improvement in product sales, productivity, and employee morale spirits.

To hear more about the benefits of our outdoor catering and company picnic catering, call us right now! While on the line, be sure to inquire about our pig roast catering options. We promise you’ve never ever seen anything like what we offer before


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