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Villa Park Catering Services

As a leader in corporate and small business catering, Tasty Catering has been serving Chicagoland and the surrounding suburbs since 1989. We bring a variety of levels of excellence to our clientele to ensure that their corporate catering experience is the best they have ever had. Tasty Catering offers classic dishes that have stood the test of time to new, innovative concept dishes and everything else in between. Furthermore, we have a vast array of catering capabilities which range from corporate drop-off catering to sizeable outdoor BBQs. Large or small, formal or casual – Tasty Catering is able to accommodate your guests, their tastes and the occasion.

Chicagoland customers have been relying on our expertise for more than 20 years, and they are never disappointed, and our services are never found to be lacking! As the regions corporate catering and event planning service of choice, Tasty Catering has been pairing up good food with good people for a long time! And, if you don’t see what you’re looking for when you check out our menus, please remember that at Tasty Catering we will create a customized menu especially for you! Our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction each and every time we have a small business or corporate catering event. With that kind of goal, it is not surprising that so many Villa Park businesses look to us to for helping them arrange their upcoming business or corporate catering affair.

Villa Park Corporate Catering

Villa Park, Illinois is a suburb of Chicago and is located in DuPage County. Interestingly enough, Villa Park was actually built to accommodate the Ovaltine employees. Two subdivisions – one Villa Park and the other – Ardmore – were united and incorporated in 1914. Originally called Ardmore, the name was changed to Villa Park in 1917. Villa Park was the home to Ovaltine until it closed its doors in 1988. Since then, the building had been converted into loft apartments. Most of the area’s residents are of European heritage – Polish, Czech, German and Russian. There is also a significant Hispanic heritage. Villa Park has nearly 23,000 residents, with around 8,000 households and about 6,000 family households. Villa Park’s median income is nearly $56,000 and its median income for a family is close to $63,000. Many Villa Park businesses have Tasty Catering on “speed-dial” for the kind of unmatched corporate catering services we have to offer their community.

Villa Park Business Catering

Tasty Catering has the expertise and the resources to assist our small business clients reap the maximum benefits from partnering with us. That is why the customers who have the most discerning palates select Tasty Catering’s team over our competitors! We promise to deliver incomparable service and excellence in everything we do. Additionally, Tasty Catering is able to take over the reins regarding the food and planning and total execution of your corporate catering event, so you can concentrate on other important things. The beauty part is that Tasty Catering has been with you every step of the way, so they will be able to fully implement your decisions in order for your business catering event to be a success. And, you can count on us to stand in the shadows so that you can receive the recognition you deserve for a job well done! After all, you picked us! For more information about our corporate catering, call us today!

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