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Skokie Catering Services

Whether it’s a large corporate seminar or a small retirement party, Tasty Catering pledges to provide a memorable experience to all your colleagues and guests. We also have an astounding reputation for creating some of Chicagoland’s finest and most outstanding and extraordinary catering events. Our dedicated staff is unbelievably well organized and capable of orchestrating any sort of event. Tasty Catering customizes all aspects of your corporate catering event or small business catering event according to you exact specifications.

Our company was founded in 1989 and is the region’s premier catering business. Our catering professionals are all gifted in the ability to create and develop successful events unrivaled by any competitive catering business. They are methodical and detail-oriented specialists with more than 20 years of experience. Tasty Catering has the background, experience, and knowhow to help make your business catering occasion be the finest it can be. We are able to customize all aspects of your event according to your precise specifications. Our executive chef and culinary assistants will tailor the menu to meet your guests’ dietary requirements and limitations. We have been collaborating with Fortune 500 corporations and top-rated businesses in helping them grow sales, increase profits, increase productivity, establish employee and customer loyalty and improve employee morale. We have the experience and the resources to assist our customers in Skokie to get the most out of their special catering event. Exquisite events for reasonable prices is our signature style and what our Skokie clientele receives when they do business with Tasty Catering.

Skokie Corporate Catering

Skokie, Illinois is home to approximately 60,000 people and is located in Cook County. For many years, Skokie has promoted itself as “The World’s Largest Village.” Its name is thought to originate from a Native American term for “fire.” After World War II, Skokie was settled by a sizeable Jewish population. It was considered to be the most logical location for the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center when it opened in 2009. The Skokie Park District is also a recent winner of the national “Gold Medal for Excellence” in parks and recreation management. The median income for a family in Skokie is about $76,000. The median home value is nearly $300,000. The top employers in Skokie are Pfizer, the Skokie Hospital, Woodward-MPC Airframe Systems, Evanston Northwestern Health Care, Anixter, the Illinois Circuit Court of Cook County, Continental Electrical Construction and Forsythe Technology. Many of Skokie’s businesses have been using Tasty Catering for years. They know that they can depend upon Tasty Catering’s knowledgeable and talented staff to help them with every detail to insure that their corporate catering event or small business catering event is both remarkable and successful.

Skokie Business Catering

Tasty Catering has more gluten free, organic, vegetarian and vegan menu items than any of our competitors. We follow the USDA guidelines for certified organic products. All our ingredients are chemical and preservative-free. When we say we can provide gluten-free foods; we provide foods that contain no gluten whatsoever! We also offer dairy-free products and by-products for lactose intolerant individuals. Our vegetarian menus are free of any animal proteins with the exception of dairy, and our vegan menu provides not animal products or byproducts at all! Tasty Catering makes a point of focus on our customers’ specific requirements to measure up to their elevated expectations. In addition to meeting our clients’ food requirements, we also meet their budget requirements, too. When your colleagues from your corporate headquarters or your small business group witness the kind of catering event Tasty Catering delivers, they will definitely want to select our catering service for their next large corporate or small business catering event! When you want the best catering you can afford, you need to contact our specialists. At Tasty Catering, you can take our commitment to your complete and total satisfaction to the bank!



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