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Debra & John’s Rustic Wedding at Serosun Farms

Easygoing is a great way to describe Debra and John DeWald as well as their beautiful wedding that 89 guests enjoyed on Saturday, October 7. From staff to décor and menu, everything they brought to Serosun Farms was personalized to their theme and friendly style. Guests felt right at home from the moment they stepped onto this rural oasis in Hampshire.

Take a look at how we helped the DeWalds bring their wedding dreams to life at Serosun Farms.

Cultivating a Farm-to-Table Wedding Experience

Native Décor Supports an Outdoorsy Vision

Rain or shine, the DeWalds had their hearts set on a farm-to-table-inspired wedding. Knowing that presentation is inseparable from menu items, we were thrilled to hear that they wanted their wedding décor to reinforce a rustic vibe.

Found throughout the wedding space were highboys adorned with fig faille linen and polished with sand yuma ties. The same fig faille linens complemented sand jute napkins at guest tables. And with succulent plants spread throughout, a beautiful natural wedding atmosphere was set.

Among votive candles, hay bales and various plants, guests found the first of countless personalized decorations: pine cones from the couple’s home in California. This—among other meaningful touches—immersed guests in a homey atmosphere. Whether sitting down on fruitwood chairs or stepping up to the pallet bar, everyone relaxed and enjoyed from the moment they arrived at 5:00 pm.

Rain or Shine, A Beautiful Ceremony Commences

As guests sipped on infused water during the pre-ceremony period, the rain came down on the DeWalds’ hope for an outdoor ceremony. Fortunately, the alternative spaces available at Serosun Farms guarantee a flawless celebration regardless of the weather. The DeWalds enjoyed a touching ceremony in the enclosed equestrian center. And with the skies clearing as the ceremony finished up, they were also able to get their highly coveted sunset photo.

Cocktail Hour: First Taste of a Fresh Wedding Menu

With Venue Logic providing a portable bar, Ken Rothacker playing the guitar and our staff circulating with creative passed hors d’oeuvres, guests had no problem getting the party started at Serosun Farms. Each appetizer was infused with heartwarming and high-quality ingredients. Refreshing yet satisfying, guests’ farm-to-table culinary experience began with:

  • Cherry tomatoes with bacon and aïoli crisp bacon, parmesan cheese and garlic aïoli filled cherry tomato
  • Beef and scallion roll: marinated beef, green onion, carrot and teriyaki glaze
  • Bacon and cheese baby “reds”: red potato cups filled with smoked bacon, chives and cheddar cheese
  • Mushroom vol au vent: pastry, wild mushrooms, aged sherry, fresh parsley and fontina cheese

Settling in for a Heartfelt Wedding Dinner

Abbott Party Rentals did a great job using and maximizing the outdoor space. A 40’x80′ reception tent with personalized décor created a natural dining experience with plenty of comfort. And we love the DeWalds’ choice of place settings with Excalibur wine glasses, Napa footed water glasses, white rim plates and Marquette flatware upon poly-sand jute napkins. With the tables ready and the bar closed, the scene was set for a rustic dinner service with personalization throughout.

Guests enjoyed the DeWalds’ hand-selected fine wine as they sat down to their pre-set salad offering: a mixed greens and arugula salad with diced poached pears, candied hazelnuts and vanilla and sherry vinaigrette.

Enjoying a Hearty Dinner Service

At 7:00 pm, buffet stations opened and upscale menu displays enticed guests to a variety of heartwarming dishes. From the artisan rolls and Toscano loaves to the 40 pounds of vegetables gathered from Serosun Farm in the days prior to the wedding, guests knew every dish was chosen and prepared with love and a meticulous attention to detail.

Among delicate candles and beautiful pine cones, guests found these satisfying buffet items:

  • Boneless short rib: braised with smoked bacon, pearl onions and horseradish
  • Stuffed chicken breast: Italian sausage, asiago and fennel with spicy tomato sauce
  • Horseradish and chive mashed potatoes
  • Roasted seasonal vegetables with chive butter: Selection of seasonal vegetables from Serosun Farm

Let the Dancing Begin!

Following dinner service and the 7:45 pm cutting of the cake that was so kindly made by a friend of the DeWalds, most guests headed to the coffee and dessert table or dance floor. Either way, DJ Mallory Callahan from MC Digital kept their energy high.

Whether biting into a mini cupcake, dancing the night away or sharing a special memory with friends, Jourdan Cooley had no shortage of memorable moments to capture. Another friend of the DeWalds, Jourdan embraced the opportunity to photograph all the joy that filled Serosun Farms on October 7.


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