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Amalia’s Beautiful Quinceañera at Oak Brook Bath & Tennis Club

When Amalia Sofia envisioned her quinceañera, she imagined a beautiful venue decorated with plenty of pink and a touch of magic. On May 20, all her dreams came true at Oak Brook Bath & Tennis Club. Personalized décor and a custom Mexican menu let Amalia showcase her personality among the traditional music and dancing that quinceañeras are known for. Her 117 guests will never forget the joyous moments they shared at this top Chicago venue.

How Pink and Personality Infused into a Traditional Quinceañera

Augmenting the Magic of a Charming Chicago Venue

From the pink and black welcome sign by the stone double-sided fireplace to the paper picado banners hung below the 35-foot vaulted wood ceiling, every inch of Oak Brook Bath & Tennis Club exuded Amalia’s unique style. Pink champagne lamour linens and black chivari chairs were the groundwork for a magical atmosphere that her mariachi band and guests stepped into. Personal touches like the serape table runners and lovely flower centerpieces by Westgate Flower and Plant Shop furthered the special feel of this lovely event.

A Refreshing Welcome to Oak Brook Bath and Tennis

When guests arrived at noon, they were delighted to find tasty infused waters to enjoy while the band played. The strawberry-pineapple and cumber flavors complemented the stellar natural vistas seen through Oak Brook Bath & Tennis Club’s floor-to-ceiling windows. These, as well as individual cups of cucumber sticks, watermelon cubes and cantaloupe slices with sliced lime and chili powder added a pop of color and seasonal flavor to the already stunning scene that was set for the 12:30pm program.

Taking a Seat for the Festivities

When guests settled in, Amalia and her Court of Honor made their grand entry. With a beautiful backdrop and perfect songs played by the mariachi band, she felt like a princess. When her mom turned on some favorite tunes played from her iPhone connected to speakers, Amalia was more than ready to start dancing. First during a father daughter dance and then later with all her friends, magical memories were made.

Lining Up for Favorite Mexican Dishes

Following the traditional events, guests were free to explore the lunch buffet. Not surprisingly, a wonderful array of Mexican food awaited them. On the fine fiesta buffet, guests found all the fixings they needed to craft fajitas exactly to their liking. The offerings included:

  • Barbacoa beef
  • Fajita chicken
  • Vegetable fajitas
  • Mexicali rice
  • Refried beans
  • Chipotle roasted potatoes
  • Warm corn
  • Flour tortillas
  • Chips
  • Toppings: cheese, salsa, pico de gallo, sour cream and pickled jalapenos

While her guests enjoyed scrumptious food was the perfect time for Amalia to give a heartfelt speech and thank her family for their support. Her words and body language conveyed a sincere appreciation that moved guests and even brought a few tears.

A Glimpse of Dazzling Desserts

Wowing guests in beauty and style, the cake provided by Amalia’s aunt and creatively designed to match her party’s theme was a hallmark feature that guests could not wait to taste. Decorated with flowers and a sprinkle of gold, it was all Amalia’s style. Cut and served alongside equally beautiful and unique cupcakes, each slice was an enticing display of sweetness.

Making and Saving Memories

With a live mariachi band from Alma de Mexico as well as some music played from Amalia’s mother’s iPhone, the party carried on to the tune of Amalia’s style. Guests danced, laughed and smiled as they celebrated together on the dance floor and in the photo booth. Complete with fun props, this area was a favorite among all ages.

Guests seemed to have all the energy they needed to keep celebrating until the party ended at 3pm. Whether that was an extension of Amalia’s great energy or the sweet selection of additional desserts, it certainly made for a memorable party.

A Personalized Dessert Display United Guests

Set up by the Hawaiian Kona coffee and pretty pink signage in the Pond room, the lovely dessert display delighted guests. And those who knew that this incredible offering was one of many aspects of this party that was possible thanks to hard work by Amalia’s loved ones were even more impressed. Amalia’s mom purchased these sweets from a local bakery, and her friends so graciously displayed them with a meticulous attention to detail. A true team effort down to the very last bites enjoyed, Amalia’s quinceañera was even more special because it would not have been possible without the generosity of her friends and family.

Some of the desserts that guests found at this memorable station included:

  • Pan dulce
  • Frosted heart cookies
  • Brookies
  • White chocolate chip cookies
  • Butter horns

Sharing an Unforgettable Journey

Among her closest friends and family, Amalia felt nothing but love and support at her quinceañera. Whether it was guests leaving messages at the card table or Amalia telling them about her service project through which she made backpacks for the homeless, everyone felt their connection to each other strengthen.


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