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Whenever you are hosting a corporate catering event, the only name you need to know is Tasty Catering. We have been delivering the most delectable dishes to our customers throughout the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area since 1989! We are second to none when it comes to providing business catering and holiday catering at the most reasonable prices. Not only can you count on Tasty Catering to ensure that your hot food is HOT and your cold food is COLD, but you can anticipate that we will honor any restricted diets your guests have! Furthermore, regardless of the theme for your catering event, Tasty Catering will assist you in securing the best venue, in addition to making sure that you have the precise amount of food for your corporate catering event. Lately, we have been receiving many requests from La Grange residents for our corporate catering and business catering, along with other La Grange groups who are looking ahead to holiday catering plans.

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La Grange, Illinois has close to 16,000 residents and is in Cook County. Elk Grove Village, home of Tasty Catering is only about 18 miles northwest of La Grange. We are the ultimate destination for La Grange customers when they want the finest catering services imaginable! In fact. La Grange residents understand that when Tasty Catering is in charge of all of their catering services, we will not only meet their corporate catering needs, but we will most likely surpass them! No wonder we are widely acknowledged by our La Grange clients as having the corner on the market when it comes to delivering the most extraordinary large corporate and small business catering events. For a quarter of a century, we have been the first choice of La Grange customers with the most discerning tastes for all of their catering get-togethers!

La Grange Corporate Catering

Tasty Catering is renowned for its Fortune 500 corporate catering and its small business catering. We also handle all of our customers holiday catering with great skill and aplomb. Our event planners will assist you develop the theme, décor, menu and entertainment for your holiday catering. Our planning experts are celebrated as being the finest in the industry. Best of all, when you have Tasty Catering aboard to help with your catering service, you can relax in the knowledge that everything will be dealt with precisely, promptly and affordably! For a corporate catering event, business catering event or holiday catering event that will be the “talk of the town,” call Tasty Catering, today, at: (847) 593-2000!

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