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How to Create a Signature Wedding Drink

Signature wedding drinks solve many of your wedding day worries: Will your personality shine? Do the beverages complement the season? How can you showcase your hometown and personalize your wedding drink?

Follow these three steps to ensure your signature wedding drink sends the right message to your guests.

Create Your Signature Wedding Drink in These 3 Steps

Step #1: Match Your Personality

Your signature wedding drink gives your guests an idea of your personality. Use this chart below to make sure your guests get the right vibe.

Signature Wedding Drink Quiz


Once you select the type of drink, consider if there is a non-alcoholic version you can offer as well. For example, you can please everyone by offering a lemonade stand with both Lynchburg and non-alcoholic lemonade in mason jars, in addition to lemon drop martinis.

This is an especially great choice for fun-lovers having a rustic vintage or southern wedding theme.

Step #2: Spice It Up For The Season

With seasonal flavors and garnishes, your signature wedding drink will complement your naturally beautiful wedding. Here are a few signature wedding drink ideas that will spotlight the season and wedding color scheme:

  • Summer: try these 25 summer wedding drinks on for size. For an extra fancy kick, opt for artisanal ice with fruit inside. These crystal clear, extra-large ice cubes melt slower so you can savor the flavors of your drink longer.
  • Winter: the options to warm up your winter wedding drink are endless. Consider salt, sugar, peppermint, gingerbread, rosemary, mint or cinnamon sticks.
  • Spring: think fresh fruits, herbs and bright colors for your spring signature wedding drink.
  • Fall: sneak apple or pear into your signature wedding drink. Maybe an apple cider margarita or pear and vanilla vodka cocktail? Add a dusting of nutmeg to really highlight the season.

Step #3: Hometown Love

You do not have to look far to add another personal element to your signature wedding drink. Buying from distilleries or incorporating town favorites are great ways to showcase your city. Chicago residents, we know you love vodka, but did you know there are different types of distilleries all over the city? Check them out!

Extra! extra!: Local breweries are also very trendy right now, so work with your catering team to put together a bar package that highlights your favorite local Chicago breweries.

Looking for something even more special for your wedding bar?  We have 25 unique summer wedding bar ideas ready for you to try.

Summer weddings also have the benefit of cool, refreshing drinks and libations.  Here are three outstanding summer sangria recipes to give the barkeep for your wedding.



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