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Hoffman Estates Catering Services

No matter if you are planning on hosting a corporate board meeting or an annual holiday party for a small business group,Tasty Catering is Chicagoland’s first choice for catering and event planning. We are dedicated to creating an event your colleagues and guests will always remember. Founded in 1989, Tasty Catering is the leading catering company for your special corporate catering or business catering event. Whether for a small catering event in an intimate setting or an elaborate banquet with hundreds of employees, Tasty Catering is just what you’ve been searching for. Our meticulous attention-to-detail and unmatched personal service will ensure your guests’ needs are taken into account. We will tailor all aspects of your event according to your wishes.

Tasty Catering’s remarkable staff of highly-skilled professions has been delivering outstanding results to corporate parties and business events for over 20 years. When you engage Tasty Catering’s services for your corporate board meeting or annual business holiday party, we begin the process of designing everything to satisfy your unique and exclusive objectives. You can rely upon our culinary team to honor all your guests; dietary requirements and restrictions, as well as creating a bill of fare that offers both exquisite and delicious cuisine. These are all reasons why Hoffman Estates businesses continue to call Tasty Catering for all their small business catering and corporate catering needs.

Hoffman Estates Corporate Catering

Hoffman Estates, Illinois is a northwestern suburb of Chicago located in Cook and Kane Counties. It is about30 miles northwest of the Loop. Hoffman Estates is a diversified village with a high standard of living. The village has a median household income of over $74,000 and a median family income of close to $90,000. Currently about 52,000 residents reside in Hoffman Estates. It also has over 18,000 households, and nearly 13,000 families. In addition, Hoffman Estates is home to many notable business headquarters, such as: Sears Holdings Corporation, Midwest headquarters for AT&T, and the American headquarters for Mori Seiki. These three corporate headquarters make up the majority of the jobs in Hoffman Estates. More and more Hoffman Estate employers and corporate businesses have been coming for years to Tasty Catering for our unique, one-of-a-kind catering events. Our events are guaranteed to impress all your guests, whether they are corporate big wigs or small business colleagues. You can count on our event coordinators to assist you in every step of your corporate board meeting or small businesses annual holiday celebration. They will help you develop your theme, décor and entertainment options to provide powerful results and lasting memories. This will free you up to take care of other critical items that only you can address.

Hoffman Estates Business Catering

Tasty Catering’s success has emerged as a result of a steadfast commitment to listening to our customers and providing excellence through meticulous attention to detail. Our guarantee to deliver on promises has resulted in a culture built upon providing exceptional service and quality in everything we do. Our core purpose is “To experience the thrill of success through teamwork, innovation, and community involvement.” We achieve this by strictly adhering to our core values of:

  • Always being moral, ethical and legal;
  • Treating all with respect;
  • Delivering quality in everything we do;
  • Setting high customer service standards;
  • Being competitive and strongly determined to be the best;
  • Possessing an enduring culture of individual discipline; and
  • Guaranteeing freedom and responsibility within the culture of individual discipline.

Tasty Catering is the preferable choice for corporate catering clients and small business executives who are looking for a fabulous event with delectable cuisine and dining in a peerless atmosphere. You will be able to relax knowing that our multi-talented chef and his culinary experts will build an unforgettable event that will also be easy on your bank account. Give us a call today to speak with one of our event coordinators to discover how our catering company can transform your corporate catering or small business catering event into a dream come true. You won’t be sorry.


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