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Glen Ellyn Catering Services

You can trust Tasty Catering’s highly-skilled event planners to assist you in developing the theme, décor and entertainment for your upcoming corporate catering bash! We promise that your colleagues will take away lasting memories and a good feeling about their job. Nothing says “thank you” quite like an awesome business catering picnic BBQ in the summer by a lake or in a park-like setting. Tasty Catering has a set of Core Values that not only speak well for their company, but they present valuable guidelines for everyone:

  • Always moral, ethical and legal;
  • Treat all with respect;
  • Quality in everything we do;
  • High customer service standards;
  • A competitive and strong determination to be the best;
  • An enduring culture of individual discipline; and
  • Freedom and responsibility within the culture of individual discipline.

Tasty Catering has been able to experience the thrill of success through teamwork, innovation, and community development as a result of these fine values. It is not surprising that they are Glen Ellyn’s top choice of corporate catering companies.

Glen Ellyn Corporate Catering

Glen Ellyn, Illinois is a lovely, affluent community found within DuPage County. The first landowners in the area came from New York in 1834. Deacon Winslow Churchill brought his family here during that time. Another early settler was Moses Stacy, a veteran of the War of 1812. He built Stacy’s Tavern in 1846.

The railroad came through in 1849, and Lewey Q. Newton deeded the right-of-way to the railroad and built the first depot and water tank at his own expense. The depot was known as Newton Station. Thomas E. Hill and Philo Stacy dammed he stream near the town to form Lake Glen Ellyn. It was named after the “glen” where is rests and “Ellyn” after the Welsh spelling of Hill’s wife’s first name.

Glen Ellyn has in excess of 27,000 residents, with around 10,000 households and about 7,000 family households. The median income for Glen Ellyn is nearly $89,000 and its median income for a family is close to $112,000. Glen Ellyn has three distinct business districts: the historic downtown, Roosevelt Road corridor and Main Street. In all three, Tasty Catering has loyal fans!

Glen Ellyn Business Catering

Tasty Catering has the background and the knowledge to help individual business clients benefit from an alliance with us to host a corporate catering event. This is the reason they why Glen Ellyn residents have been using our services since we first went into business catering in 1989! Tasty Catering specializes in business and corporate catering.

In addition, we are able to bring your guests to the great outdoors for a terrific picnic or pig roast, or take them indoors for an elegant, sit-down, black-tie dinner with a stringed quartet. We offer full service options for food, entertainment and event-planning.

If you are looking for a company that is capable of impressing your stockholders and your employees, Tasty Catering is the one to talk to. We cover all the bases for you so that you won’t have to! Call us today for the details on hosting the best corporate catering event ever!


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