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Event Spotlight: A Baseball-Themed “Pick Your Own Picnic” at American Metalcraft

It was right before the long 4th of July holiday weekend, and American Metalcraft Inc. was looking for a patriotic way to boost company morale while letting their employees see their products in action. When approached with this set of goals, our picnic planners knew what to do right away. It was time for a fun baseball-themed company picnic. After all, what’s more American than baseball?

On a hot summer day in suburban Franklin Park, our team brought a delicious custom picnic menu and the spirit of America’s pastime to the annual company picnic at American Metalcraft Inc. Here are some of the highlights of the event.

Setting Up the Company Picnic Venue

The event was set up outside the warehouse. As it was a weekday and in the middle of the day, attendance was guaranteed since most everyone would be at work. This new setup was much more convenient because it required no travel to and from the event. It was a treat for the staff to leave the building, get some fresh air and sunshine, and enjoy a freshly catered picnic meal in each others’ company.

The Picnic Menu Was a Hit

Our picnic planners love working from our “Pick Your Own Picnic” options because of the opportunity to show our savvy in customizing your picnic menu. The American Metalcraft baseball picnic menu included several ballpark favorites, including:

  • Black angus 1/3 lb. pure beef hamburgers
  • Jumbo black angus hot dogs
  • Vegetable garden burgers

To add some spice, we also included some chicken and barbacoa street tacos served on American Metalcraft’s brushed stainless steel taco holder. To complement the picnic entrées we made sure all the bases with some classic ballpark-themed picnic sides, such as:

  • American potato salad
  • Molasses baked beans
  • Sweet corn
  • Mexicali rice
  • Ruffles potato chips

For dessert, guests were treated to some baseball sugar cookies and an ice cream sundae bar with vanilla, chocolate and strawberry varieties. The sundae bar was particularly significant because it let the American Metalcraft Inc. team showcase their new chemistry collection. We utilized chemistry flasks for the chocolate and caramel toppings as well as beakers filled with chopped nuts, M&Ms, sprinkles and cherries.

Guests Stepping Up to the Plate to Try Their Skills!

We wanted to guarantee a memorable overall experience for the team, so we found great activities that carried out their baseball theme. They included:

  • A dunk tank. Guests had the opportunity to try to hit their targets and dunk their coworkers and managers.
  • Speed pitch. While the dunk tank let guests test their accuracy, the speed pitch booth let them rear back and give it the gas. Guests got to see just what kind of heater they could toss.
  • Grand slam batting cage. Our picnic planners are just as good at the plate as we are in the field. Our grand slam batting cage let picnic guests take their hacks and practice their swing just like at a real major league game!

The strategic setup, all-star menu and invigorating activities resulted in a fun midday retreat for the roughly 150 guests in attendance. To bring in the holiday weekend, the entire American Metalcraft Inc. team got to enjoy some time bonding over baseball and burgers.


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