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Chicago Pig Roast Catering

Chicago spring, summers and autumns are the perfect times to host outdoor events.

Whether for a birthday, anniversary, company party, annual picnic, appreciation event or family reunion, a pig roast takes the simple act of picnicking to a completely different level!

Pig roast catering in Chicago varies from caterer to caterer—that is, if they have the proper equipment and seasoned staff of exceptional pig roast caterers.

Here at Tasty, our pig roasts are unique in that we completely transform the process into a full-on experience.

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Here is how our famous Tasty Catering whole roasted pig catering works:

Our Tasty chefs arrive at our facility hours before the sun does to prepare each pig for the day’s roast. One of the key pieces to our successful pig roast catering is that we come in early to start our roasters and grills, beginning the long, slow-cook process at the perfect time.

Each pig is transported fresh from Peoria, and when we receive it, it is immediately marinated before beginning the cooking process.

Again, this all happens in the wee hours of the morning, before most people are even close to awake.

While the Pig is Roasting

Clock timing a pig roast catering chicago event by Tasty Once the meat has reached the appropriate cooking point in one of our individual pig roasters, we hook the roaster up to a vehicle and transport the cooked pig to your luau, event or picnic location. When the pig arrives on-site, it is perfectly prepared.

The pig continues to roast while our award-winning crew sets up your entire picnic experience, which means tables, chairs, tents, games and anything else your pig roast requires. The crew always arrives on-site with plenty of time to construct the perfect pig roast atmosphere.

Once the Party Begins

The Start of a Tasty Catering Chicago Pig Roast When you are ready to start the party, we are ready to start the party. Our chefs work with the size of each pig and temperature of each roaster to calculate exactly when your pig needs to start roasting in the morning.

This means that it will be the perfect texture, heat and taste right when you are ready to start serving your guests.Our chefs serve your pig straight from the roaster, slicing delectable pieces of tender meat and putting it directly into our chafers to serve you fresh—either plain or with our delicious barbecue sauce.

And, because our pig roast experts have been at this for years and years, we know how to carve it up just right so that you get all of those delicious pockets of flavorful meat.

The best part about our famous pig roasts is that each one is a unique experience.

From the presentation of the catering to the site of the roast to the carving and serving of the delicious end product, we take you through the entire pig roasting experience—with none of the work.

Why Host a Pig Roast?

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This special pig roast catering is the answer for all of those special celebrations for which you are looking for something just as distinct and exceptional.

We have catered whole roasted pigs here in Chicago and the surrounding areas for such occasions.

What Picnic Theme Goes with a Chicago pig roast?

Just about any picnic theme can also work well with a pig roast in Chicago. Some of our favorites include:

  • Hawaiian Luau
  • Caribbean Bash
  • Wild Wild West
  • Beach Party
  • Sports Theme
  • Southern Hospitality

More info on Tasty, Chicago’s Pig Roast Caterer

Delivering high quality ingredients for reasonable prices is one of our best skills. Tasty Catering employs only highly-skilled staff who observes our company’s core values. We are catering industry experts who help clients develop a theme, determine the décor and choose entertainment options for your pig roast catering event.

Our company is able to take care of all the essentials so that you can relax in the knowledge that there will be no loose ends.

Isn’t it about time you contacted us about the pig roast catering event you’ve always wanted to host? To achieve the highest levels of service, we continue to constantly provide additional training to our incredible staff in order to enhance our clients’ experience with our pig roast catering team.

If you would like to know more about hosting a pig roast catering picnic, call Tasty Catering at: (847) 593-2000 today!

Serving the entire Chicagoland area

Tasty Catering is widely recognized as being the first choice of many Chicagoland customers whenever they are looking for a pig roast catering event.

We are capable of assisting them develop their themes, décor and entertainment in order to offer the best results and most pleasurable pig roast catering event. Because we have so many well-established partnerships with different facilities throughout the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area, we can provide a vast array of outdoor venues for your pig roast catering picnic.

So many of our clients claim they have never enjoyed an event as much as our pig roast catering picnic. As the most principled and ethical catering company in the region, it is no wonder we appeal to clients who desire the highest quality services at an affordable price, Tasty Catering is known for declining to participate in transactional relationships that are based only upon price.

Our remarkable high standards are what help us offer the highest quality services for our pig roast catering. Additionally, we are also admired for using only superior quality ingredients, and never buying inferior items for our pig roast catering in order to guard our margins.


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