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Chicago Picnic Catering

Americans have been having picnics forever, it seems! And, because of so many people choosing to forego a vacation and have a “staycation” instead, Tasty Catering has seen a terrific uptake in clients contacting us about helping them host a summertime picnic catering get-together.

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They know that we have the contacts with all the really terrific outdoor venues in the GreaterChicago Metropolitan Area, and all they have to do is invite the guests and we will do the rest! We offer a broad selection of menu possibilities including our great Baja picnic catering event that transports you south of the border for terrific Mexican cuisine!

Many clients have shown an interest in heading figuratively to the Mediterranean region for dishes with a Middle Eastern flair and for touches of Greece and exotic Morocco! Of course, there are always our die-hard BBQ fans who are ready to saddle up and head on to a picnic catering event with Texas Roundhouse BBQ and all the traditional “fixins!”

Picnic catering is extremely popular with everyone during the Good Ol’ Summertime, because people enjoy celebrating in the outdoors after being in the office all week long. Tasty Catering also includes all the popular side dishes at our picnic catering events that may include fresh roasted sweet corn, molasses baked beans, heritage coleslaw and watermelon slices!

We can also provide a Sundae Bar for the kiddies – whether they are 8 or 80 years old! Nothing quite says “Summer” like a cool ice cream sundae on a hot July day at a picnic catering event!

Chicago Picnic Catering

It’s no surprise why Tasty Catering is the number one picnic catering choice of our customers. We are capable of assisting them develop their themes, décor and entertainment in order to provide the best results and most enjoyable picnic catering event. With our remarkable partnerships throughout the region, we can provide a list of numerous outdoor venues for your picnic catering party.

What makes our company stand out from the competition is our remarkable ability to go “above and beyond!” Customers also really appreciate the fact that we are a highly principled and ethical company that provides high quality and services at an affordable price.

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We are also well-known for refusing to participate in transactional relationships that are based only on price! Furthermore, Tasty Catering is also recognized for using only superior quality ingredients, and promising to never buy inferior quality items for our picnic catering in order to protect our margins.

Chicago Outdoor Event Catering

Tasty Catering is also recognized for hiring only highly-skilled personnel who always observe our company’s core values. We will help you develop a theme and decide the décor and choose the entertainment for your picnic catering event.

Our staff is able to take care of all the essentials so that there will never be any unfinished business. We ensure that our clients’ picnic catering party is absolutely flawless from beginning to end!

To secure the top level of service, we also continue to provide supplementary training to our outstanding staff in order to enhance everyone’s experience with our picnic catering team.

To learn more about hosting a picnic catering activity, call Tasty Catering at: (847) 593-2000, today!


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