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Chicago Birthday Party Catering

If you are planning a milestone birthday or celebration for a loved one, we would be happy to help make the big day as memorable as possible.

Tasty Catering is very experienced in helping take the visions of the birthday party host and making them a reality through whatever means the host wishes.

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Most Requested Birthday Party Catering Services

Our most popular of birthday party catering services include the following:

  • Catering menu
  • Theme creation
  • Bartending services
  • Delivery and pick up
  • Event setup
  • Games and activities
  • Table, chairs and tent rentals
  • Linens and décor rentals

Most Popular Birthday Party Catering Menus

Of course, providing a delicious birthday party catering menu is by far the most popular birthday party request we have, followed closely by themes and rentals. No matter what, though, our clients always agree that their experiences with Tasty Catering go above and beyond expectations.

Our social gatherings menu is extensive because we prefer to give you a long list of potential menu items for your events. Honestly, everything from our social menu does get ordered, and quite frequently. We have inquiries for large sandwich and wrap platters for big groups along with big green or side salads to share family-style. We are happy when we can make you happy—and, of course, your guests.

To help narrow down your selection process, here is a list of our most popular birthday party menu items.

From our Theme Packages and Entrées Menu:

  • Make-Your-Own Tacos
  • Finest Fiesta Theme Package
  • Greek-Fest Theme Package
  • Chicken Piccata
  • 18-hour BBQ Beef Brisket
From our Á La Carte Menu:

  • Mac ‘N’ Cheese
  • Fried Chicken
  • Vegetable Lasagna
  • Italian Beef
  • Italian Sausage
Popular Appetizers include:

  • Mini Sliders
  • Veggie Quesadillas
  • Cherry Tomatoes with Bacon & Aioli
Popular Desserts include:

  • Mini Dessert Bars
  • Signature Dessert Tray
  • Decorated Sheet Cake

Birthday Party Themes and Menus

Theme birthday parties are becoming more and more frequent—especially for those milestone birthdays such as a 1st birthday, Sweet 16, 21st birthday, surprise party, or a 30th, 40th, 50th, etc. birthday celebration.

The execution for each theme varies based upon where you are hosting your party, for example, a backyard bash vs. an upscale event vs. a get together at a venue. The wonderful thing about a Tasty Catering menu is that our menu is appropriate for any atmosphere—indoor or out.

To help inspire you when planning your loved one’s birthday party theme and menu, here are a few of our favorites:

Fourth of july Party theme

Fourth of July

Mini Sliders, American Potato Salad, Trio of Mini Sandwiches, Mini Wrap Tray, Strawberry and Spinach Salad, Mac ‘N’ Cheese, Fried Chicken and a Decorated Sheet Cake

Chicago Birthday Party Catering Theme

Chicago Theme

Sausage and Cheese Platter, Tasty Chop Salad,an Italian Sausage and Italian Beef double entrée, Herb Roasted Potatoes and Signature Dessert Tray

Mexican Fiesta birthday party catering theme

Mexican Fiesta

Make-Your-Own Tacos Package

Around the world party favors

Around the World

Veggie Quesadillas, Sweet Potato Puffs and Petite Caprese Skewers as appetizers, the Greek-Fest Package as the entrée and Mini Pastries for dessert

Hawaiian party rentals

Hawaiian Luau

Petite Caprese Skewers, Shrimp Cocktail, Waldorf Chop Salad, Citrus BBQ-glazed Chicken, Salmon Fillets, Parsley Baby Potatoes and a dessert of Mini Blueberry and Lemon Tarts

Football get-together

Football Tailgate

The Indoor Picnic Package with Fresh Baked Large Cookies

Birthday Party Planning Checklists

Planning a birthday party can be daunting without the proper help. We have created a birthday party checklist to help you minimize the stress of planning a birthday event.

birthday catering party checklist

More about Tasty’s Chicago Birthday Party Catering

Our clients can always count on us to ensure that their birthday catering event will be absolutely perfect right on down to the last piece of cake! We will handle all facets of your menu, the venue, the themes and most importantly your budget! Regardless of the time of year or time of day, we can throw the best birthday catering party ever!

If it involves members of the younger set, we can also hook you up with inflatables. If it is a swimming party or a Hawaiian Luau, we can make it a roaring success! This is our business and we have it down like clockwork! When you have the professionals at Tasty Catering cater your event, you will be assured of the best in the business. None of our competitors can hold a candle to our birthday catering parties!

We have been at this for approximately 24 years, and we know what we are doing! Furthermore, over the years, our continuous journey toward excellence has earned us the attention of a variety of organizations within the catering industry, the small business community, the region, and the country.

We’re extremely proud to offer our clients award-winning birthday catering services as well as other remarkable catering services that have earned us such honors as “Best Place to Work,” “Caterer of the Year,” “Psychologically Healthy Workplace,” the “Governor’s Sustainability Award,” and many more.

We’ll handle all your party needs

It’s important to realize that the fun doesn’t stop when the outdoor party season does. At Tasty Catering, we love to make our clients’ lives easier. That’s why we can also handle all of your birthday catering, and other catering events all year long!

We are able to transform your young daughter’s birthday catering party into a fairytale land party, if that is what you have in mind. Or, your husband, the golfer, will be thrilled at his birthday catering event held at the club with all of his golfing buddies and their wives.

Remember, we can make your next meeting, conference, banquet, gala, or holiday party into a one-of-a-kind experience, too! Our incredible staff will show up ahead of time and be appropriately groomed and uniformed, not to mention being cross-trained by our culinary experts. Besides, we always use only the most superior quality ingredients in our birthday catering events.

To discover what all your options are for a birthday catering party, call Tasty Catering, today, at: (847) 593-2000.


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