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Chicago BBQ Catering

BBQ catering is all the rage these days. Tasty Catering has been offering its clients a variety of BBQ catering options for a number of years, and all choices are extremely popular with our clientele. We offer a vast array of BBQ possibilities, and, in particular, our pig roasts are especially well-liked! The meat is crispy and exploding with flavor! A pig roast is always a terrific backdrop to any outdoor BBQ catering feast. Whether it is for a high school or college reunion, a corporate party, a special retreat, an outdoor BBQ catering picnic is one of the finest outdoor events possible.

Many of our clients choose to invest in one of our many BBQ catering selections. Tasty Catering offers everything from Texas BBQ, Memphis-style Pulled Pork, and St. Louis BBQ to BBQ from the Carolinas! These are all in addition to our traditional Oktoberfest Pig Roast and Caribbean Roasted Pig. And, the BBQ is just the tip of the iceberg! We also include all the “fixin’s” at our BBQ catering picnics like fresh roasted sweet corn, molasses baked beans, heritage coleslaw and watermelon slices! If that doesn’t make your tummy rumble, nothing will!

Chicago BBQ Catering

It’s no surprise why Tasty Catering is regarded as being the choice of all the Chicagoland customers whenever they are looking for a BBQ catering event. We are capable of assisting customers develop their themes, décor and entertainment in order to provide the best results and enjoyable BBQ catering event. Due to our well-established partnerships with many different facilities throughout the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area, we can provide a broad selection of outdoor venues for your BBQ picnic. So many of our clients claim they have never enjoyed a picnic event as much as our BBQ catering party. What makes our company so extraordinary has to do with our ability to go “above and beyond!” As a principled and ethical company that appeals to clients who definitely prefer high quality and service at a fair price, Tasty Catering is known for declining to participate in transactional relationships that are based only on price. Our incredibly high standards are what help us provide the highest quality and service for BBQ catering at an affordable price for everyone. Besides, we area also recognized for using only superior quality ingredients, and promise to never buy inferior quality items for our BBQ catering in order to shield our margins.

Chicago BBQ Catering Menu

Delivering superior quality ingredients for affordable prices is one of our traits. Tasty Catering is identified as employing only highly-skilled staff who will observe our company’s core values. We are the catering industry experts who will help you develop a theme and determine the décor and entertainment options for your BBQ catering event. Our company is able to take care of all the fundamentals so that you can be assured there will be no unfinished business. Clients can always be assured that we will make their BBQ catering party faultless from start to finish! Isn’t it high time that you contacted us about the BBQ catering event you’ve always wanted to throw? To acquire the top level of service, we continue in our efforts to constantly provide additional training to our remarkable staff in order to enhance everyone’s experience with our BBQ catering team. If you would like more information about hosting a BBQ catering picnic, call Tasty Catering at: (847) 593-2000 today!



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