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5 Unique Summer Wedding Themes

To Make a Memorable Wedding

When it comes to wedding themes, we have had the pleasure of being a part of many. Having a theme that is carried out through all elements of the wedding planning process brings an added special something to the bride and groom’s special day, and we love weaving together smaller elements to help make a bigger theme come to life.

Below are five wedding themes you might not have experienced before—or twists on themes that might make them a little more unique in the minds of the happy couple and their guests—each of which would be something that your guests will never forget.

1)      Chicago Sports Extravaganza.

If both the bride and groom are big fans of Chicago sports, then this theme is perfect.  Instead of picking one team or one sport on which to focus your planning efforts, you can celebrate with them all. The Bears, Cubs, White Sox, Fire, Blackhawks—you name it, anything Chicago sports goes.  Use team flags, pennants, scoreboards, team logos, flowered bouquets utilizing team colors and the Chicago flag to decorate your event space. Have entertainment mix in team songs or have a Chicago sports-themed trivia contest to crown the best Chicago fan. Hot dog carts, other game-focused vendor food and plenty of popcorn and beer will make for great, memorable and fun summer wedding foods.  The sky is the limit with this theme, and the more you implement it, the greater your chances of having an elegant, Chicago sports-themed summer wedding you will want to remember for the rest of your life.  You might also want a special Chicago sports team wedding cake topper to show your sports-support.

2)      Beach in Bali.

The “day-at-the-beach” wedding has been done (and done again), so we are suggesting you elevate it by selecting a specific beach…like a beach in Bali.  Decorate with plenty of palm fronds, grass thatch, light blues reflecting the color of the crystal clear water and Balinese flowers (and you will have plenty from which to choose—the Alamanda, Glob Amaranth, Lotus, Water Lilly, Gardenia, Jasmine, Morning Glory, Hibiscus, Orchid and Bougainvillea, among others, all hail from this island nation). Serve your guests traditional Balinese foods like chicken, pork, beef, fish or tofu satay, nasi campur (mixed rice), tuna sambal, opor ayam (chicken curry) or bakso soup, to name a few. Have your entertainment mix in some Balinese music during the dancing portion of the night.

3)      Eco Chic/Eco-friendly.

Green is in, and having an eco-friendly summer wedding is something that will be both memorable and charitable. When selecting your venue, try to choose a location that is either very outdoorsy (such as a park or forest preserve) or one that is known to be eco-friendly. Use bouquets of fresh flowers, bowls of fresh fruits and vegetables (especially those with bright colors), tons of eco-friendly candles in a variety of sizes and plenty of other natural items to make your summer wedding event space elegant yet sustainable. Ask your caterer if you have the option to use recycled plates and cutlery at your event, or at least for the most earth-conscious practices available. Coordinate carpooling in advance to cut down on the carbon emissions made by your guests, and be sure to provide plenty of recycling receptacles around your event space to ensure that guests know how easy it is to recycle. Keep your theme alive by having an organic, fair-trade menu full of items, including everything from the appetizer course to the edible party favors.

4)      Go-Local Summer Wedding.

This one is pretty self-explanatory, and also pretty earth-friendly. Source your menu from local farmers, vendors, crafters, etc., and ensure that your guests experience foods grown right in your own area.  Utilize local bands for entertainment, choose a local caterer, have your cake and desserts prepared by a local bakery and make sure that your beers and celebration drinks are all made by local breweries and distilleries.  Florals should come from local florists, gifts for guests and the bridal party from local craft makers and décor can reflect local hotspots. Keep it local for a summer wedding event your guests are sure to love.

5)      More than a Memory Wedding.

It is time for the bride and groom to pick one of their favorite memories as a couple to power this summer wedding theme.  Choose a moment that you both cherish, and recreate that moment through décor, menu items, entertainment and more. If your favorite memory was a trip to a specific city, carry that trip throughout your whole planning process. Base your menu on cuisine from that experience, decorate your wedding space with colors and items that remind you of your vacation and elevate the whole experience with twinkling strands of lights end plenty of candles. Place photos of your special memory around the room so that your guests can understand how the theme came to life. You will get to relive a great experience, and your guests will get to take part in it as well.

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