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2015 Wedding Theme: Barn Wedding

Weddings in a barn are the perfect way to showcase a rustic vintage wedding theme. Just like you, a barn has a unique personality; therefore it’s best to learn about it before your big day.

In this blog, we reveal the secrets and tips to planning your perfect barn wedding on any budget.

Top Barn Wedding Ideas

rustic invitation

Barn Wedding Tip #1: Pre-Wedding Tasks

Since a barn wedding is so unique, your guests may not know how to prepare for the event. The wedding checklist below will ensure you will be ready for your big day. Follow these simple steps, and your guests will know what to expect at a barn wedding:

  • Save-the-date cards: a rustic chic design and announcement about your barn venue will set the tone and create curiosity among your guests.
  • Invitations: give your guests all the information they need so they will arrive dressed up, yet remain comfortable throughout the evening. We suggest a separate card with tips including barn wedding guest attire.


Barn Wedding Secret #2: Venue Amenities and Décor

When you rent a barn wedding venue, it’s important to ask what utilities, facilities and services are included. Be on the lookout for the following surprises so you are prepared to find creative, upscale comfort in a rustic barn wedding:

  • Electricity: there may not be any electricity inside the barn. If this is the case, then you may choose to rent a generator.
  • Air conditioning and heat: you will be surprised to find either of these in a barn. Consider the weather, and rent all equipment necessary to keep your guests comfortable.
  • Bathroom facilities: if none are provided, consider what type of restrooms you can afford to rent. Flushable portable toilets or bathroom trailers are options for bigger budgets. For a small price, you can decorate standard portable toilets to match your rustic vintage wedding theme. Air fresheners, LED candles and country signage go a long way.


Barn Wedding Idea #3: Rustic Vintage Wedding Décor

Use the barn’s unique style to your advantage with these wedding décor ideas:

  • Lighting: barns are often very dark. To add lighting use the soaring ceilings to hang Edison string lights, paper globe lanterns and chandeliers.
  • Wide entrance and narrow room: if you choose to create a more intimate setting, add plenty of fixtures from the ceiling and drapery across the entrance.
  • Centerpieces: create affordable barn wedding centerpieces out of mason jars, tin cans and glass bottles. Decorate them with pink, yellow and blue and fill with wildflowers or candles. A dash of glimmer or lace will help offset the greens and browns found in a barn wedding venue.
  • Signs: framed chalkboards are perfect for a rustic vintage theme barn wedding.
  • Place cards: give your guests a hint about some of the late night entertainment by attaching their place cards with leather twine to a golden horseshoe.

cowboy attire

Barn Wedding Tip #4: Cowboy Chic Attire

If you think all wood floors are finished in a barn, you might be surprised when you step inside. Some barn floors are far from polished and clean, so inform your guests to be ready for this. A bride may enjoy a rustic vintage dress with a shorter train and less ruffles. Also, invite your bridesmaids and guests to wear cowboy boots.

rustic cake

Barn Wedding Tip #5: Dining

Serve food that accommodates the upscale comfort of a barn wedding venue. Guests can enjoy a casual yet classy menu with plenty of small samples.

Here are some of our favorite barn wedding dining ideas:

  • Cake: consider a wooden stump base, naked cake or twine to complement the natural beauty of your barn wedding venue.
  • Bite size dinners: less is more, especially when serving hearty comfort food.
  • Ice cream sundae bar: guests will be delighted to create their personal favorite.

country music

Barn Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas

A barn wedding calls for family fun with a hint of western to it. We love these barn wedding reception ideas:

  • Country music and square dancing: you are sure to see all ages dancing together to some old fashioned favorites. For bigger budgets, you can hire an instructor to lead.
  • Hayride: nothing is more romantic and enjoyable than an evening hayride down a country lane. Check if your venue allows this.
  • Horseshoes: guests can use their place card holders in a game of horseshoes and take them home as keepsakes.

Ready to plan your personalized barn wedding? Check our affordable wedding guide to get some inspiration and the stunning Chicago wedding venues, such as the Hoosier Grove Barn and Byron Colby Barn. Then contact us to turn your wedding day into an unforgettable evening.


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