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Top Holiday Event Trends for 2017

Ever wonder how we stay on top of the hottest holiday event trends?

Working with so many industry leaders, how can’t we? We collaborate with our vendor partners to understand and anticipate the hottest holiday event ideas. This allows us to fine-tune every aspect of your annual holiday party so it is exactly how you imagine. Whether it be a beautiful décor concept, interesting new materials for presentation or (of course) a delicious new holiday-themed dish, we never settle for the ordinary.

So, once again, for this year’s holiday event trends, we went straight to the source—our partners. Together, we’ve compiled this list of the top holiday event trends for your 2017 holiday party.

Interesting Serving Surfaces

Food is not experienced solely by taste. Presentation is a huge part of catering, and interesting serving surfaces are definitely key this year. This includes these glacier acrylic risers, which not only elevate your food (literally and figuratively) but also work phenomenally as serving vessels.

Trendy holiday party serving platters.

This oval olive wood melamine serving board creates the look of wood but with the sustainability and durability of melamine. For holiday parties with passed hors d’oeuvre service and that are going for a classic or rustic feel, these items are ideal. Not only can you use them for serving, but they can also stand by themselves on a buffet. Pair them with some greenery like faux fern branches to add a lovely outdoor zest to your event.

For something a little more modern, these white rectangular porcelain platters add a touch of elegance. We love these for holiday cocktail party-style events, but they also add a nice touch to deluxe buffets.

-Courtesy: Matt Wills, American Metalcraft

Vintage wood serving trays for holiday events.

The same can be said for these vintage wood trays. This classic, rustic look is still very much in demand. Items like these are exceptionally stylish and have a lot of flexibility in presentation—lending themselves to buffets or passing. It’s all part of the increasingly trendy “ski lodge chic” holiday party theme. This year, designers are always looking extra hard for unique pieces that contribute to a winter woodland atmosphere.

-Courtesy: Nancy Brockway, Hall’s Rental

Jewel Tones & Mixed Metals

Bold furnishings are a great addition to your holiday party décor. And so you will be happy to hear that they are also becoming trendier each holiday season. The holiday party atmosphere is more important than ever, and this is a key component.

Regale sofa from AFR furniture rental

Jewel tones are one aspect that captures the eyes of guests. Holiday party décor that uses sapphire, amber or amethyst helps convey to guests that they are special and appreciated. Some signature styles include the Regale, Jade and Imperial collections.

Mixed metal accessories are also getting more popular, especially when paired with accent tables, pillows and rugs. You can mix metallic golds and silvers to create a real chic design. Zinc bar tables with Oro mirrored cubes add a depth of comfort and elegance in any holiday party space.

-Courtesy: Julie Knowles, AFR Event Furnishings

Patterns That Crush Patterns

Holiday party planners are transforming traditional patterns in new and exciting ways. You are likely to find animated pop art on your holiday party tablecloths. Choose the right print, and the nostalgia of it will spark plenty of conversation and good times. Fun and thought provoking prints invite your guests to escape the ordinary holiday vibe with a new and vivacious energy.

To make your fun festive linen design pop even more, pair it with a fabric that is rich in texture and body, like brushed velour, velvet or Italian linen.

-Courtesy: Sam Smith, doodle n’ designs

Patterns That Crush Patterns Doodle n' Design

New & Innovative Holiday Food

Some of this year’s trendiest holiday foods are the result of taking everyday snacks and either 1) combining them with cultural fusion food or 2) recreating them in interesting new ways.

Reuben flatini from Tasty Catering's NEW holiday menu.

This reuben flatini takes a classic reuben sandwich and packs all of the flavor into a bite-sized serving. Imagine a Cuban spring roll that combines the influence of Asian cuisine with the ingredients of a classic Cuban sandwich.

Another trend that has been going strong for a while is brunch. Brunch holiday parties that include items like fresh waffles or custom omelets continue to be one of the most popular catering trends.

Customizable & Interactive Holiday-Themed Food Stations

Guests love it when their meal feels personal and heartfelt. So offer something customizable to guests and let them “play” with their food. This is an irresistible holiday party trend—one that caterers are implementing in a variety of ways.

Tasty Catering hot chocolate topping bar

For holiday events, a hot chocolate topping bar is perfect because it invites guests to pick and choose toppings to create their ideal drink. A great option for holiday parties with kids is a cookie decorating station. These are also a great way to bring out the playful side of employees at company holiday parties.

-Courtesy: Karen Walter, nuphoriq

The partnerships we’ve formed with our holiday event vendors are strong. And we hope they take partial credit for Forbes naming us one of America’s best small companies, because it really is a team effort. Together we deliver an elevated and innovative holiday party experience.

To start planning your exciting holiday party, contact our expert event planners today or call us at 847.593.2000.

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