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Tasty Catering’s HERO Award from District 214

Tasty Catering participates in the District 214 ProStart internship program, and this year we had the privilege of working with Madison Woltman of Elk Grove High School. As Tasty Catering’s Larry Walter and other business leaders share in this informational video, the program truly benefits the students and companies alike.

Studenst At Tasty

Throughout their internships, District 214 students, like Madison, get to experience what it’s like to work in their fields of interest. Participating organizations get fresh, young minds to rejuvenate, inspire and help organization employees.


On December 3rd, District 214 hosted a luncheon to thank every participating company in the D214 ProStart internship program. Attendees enjoyed lunch prepared by 50 of the ProStart culinary students from around the district. These culinary students arrived to Tasty Catering’s kitchens to prepare the food, then served the lunch under the guidance of Tasty Catering’s Executive Chef Alfredo and our various teams’ supervision.



Studnets 3

That wasn’t the luncheon’s only highlight. In addition to showcasing the talents of our own intern, Madison, Tasty Catering was honored with the HERO award for our participation and leadership in the D214 ProStart internship program.

Dist 214 - ProStart & Award

More information on the D214 Internship Program here.


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