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Unique St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas

Looking to put a new twist on your St. Patrick’s Day party? Our creative Chicago catering team used St. Patrick’s Day facts as inspiration for new Irish party ideas. And we even threw in some tips for planning your big bash!

Read on to learn about this fun holiday, and remember to share your knowledge with your lucky guests!

St. Patricks Day Party

7 Fun Facts and Ideas for your Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Party

1. Beef in Guinness

Guinness deserves to be a feature of your Chicago St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Americans proved that they enjoy a good Guinness given that they consumed about 13 million pints on St. Patrick’s Day last year. So go ahead and add this flavorful drink to your favorite St. Patrick’s Day foods.

Be bold and add some beef to a pot of Guinness. And be sure to sneak in some fun facts about this favorite St. Patrick’s Day menu item. Besides, what is the deal with the traditional corned beef and cabbage that has nothing to do with actual corn? The “corned” part is a reference to the grains of salt used to cure meats.

2. Incorporate Seasonal Herbs

Spring carrots with thyme-garlic butter

When it comes to adding flavor and personality to traditional St. Patrick’s Day dishes, herbs are your best friends. They bring a refreshing taste to very basic Irish ingredients like potatoes and chicken. One of our favorite flavorful spring dishes is grilled chicken marinated in thyme-rosemary oil and finished off with lemon sauce.

In our St. Patrick’s Day menu, you will notice that we also use herbs to enhance the flavors of our sides. Some of our most popular Irish side dishes are:

  • Boiled white potatoes with mint
  • Creamed peas and pearl onions with mint
  • Spring carrots with thyme-garlic butter

3. Blue St. Patrick’s Day Party Decorations

About 82 percent of people celebrating St. Patrick’s Day plan to wear green. But why? Pause to think about it. St. Patrick’s color of choice was light blue. It was not until the late 18th century that the Irish independence movement linked the festivities to green. So, if you really want to surprise guests, decorate your St. Patrick’s Day party with blue décor. It is the Irish presidential standard, after all.

4. Power Green Drinks

Green Smoothie at St. Patricks Day Party

St. Patrick’s Day was purely a religious holiday in Ireland for most of the 20th century, which meant all its pubs were closed. Take a modern twist on this historical fact by setting up a green bar filled with superfood drinks like kale smoothies. This will be a popular station for guests looking for a nutritional boost.

The one exception to the dry bars on St. Patrick’s Day was for beer vendors at the national dog show. If you will be renting an outdoor, dog-friendly venue, consider setting up a mini dog park and beer haven where guests can socialize over beers while their dogs romp and play.

5. Patrick’s Day Fountain

Fountains are a wonderful decoration and gathering spot at many of the top St. Patrick’s Day venues in Chicago. Die the water “Kelly” green and surround it with fun facts about the Chicago River. 100 pounds of green dye were used to die the river green in 1962, but you’ll only need less than 1 percent of that.

6. Interactive St. Patrick’s Day Invitations

St Patricks Day Party Invitation

About 37 million US residents claim Irish ancestry, so chances are high that quite a few of your guests are feeling pretty proud of their heritage on March 17. Along with the RSVP, ask guests if they have any traditions or quick facts they would like you to incorporate in your St. Patrick’s Day party. Maybe they even want to lead an Irish dance.

7. Patrick’s Day Trivia

Hide St. Patrick’s Day facts and figures throughout your venue for a scavenger hunt or invite guests to a game of trivia. Did you know there are four places in the US named Shamrock and 16 places called Dublin?

For more than 25 years, our Chicago catering team has been designing custom menus and St. Patrick’s Day decorations that shine a spotlight on hidden treasures. And we do it all at an affordable rate.

To plan a fun St. Patrick’s Day party in Chicago, contact us online or give us a call at 847-593-2000.

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